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Sigil. Session XXXXV
Saturday, March 14th, 2008

Chryseis acts as liaison with Factol Ambar of the Godsmen for a week. Then, when Factol Ambar is asked to come to the Barracks, he politely declines. The requests become more and more strenuous until a delegation of Harmonium are turned away from the Foundry. Narcovi is angry and believes that Factol Ambar should be charged as part of a conspiracy against all of Sigil. But cooler heads prevail.

Chryseis goes through her required training. She has her backers who believe that conspiracies tend to bust wide open at her very appearance. She is becoming quite the legend.

Zoe investigated her dream fo the strange podium.

There’s been no Lady sightings in the past month.

Zoe and Chryseis visit Factol Ambar. He entertains them in the administration part of the building. The Factol wanted to hear their personal experiences in Harbringer house, in the hopes of finding the missing godsmen. Zoe and Chryseis try to tell him what they’ve seen and ask questions regarding Svanna and the Grey Men. He doesn’t have full answers. Just more pieces. The grey men relate to Harbringer house and its source. He asks us for oaths of secrecy about the house.

He offers Linni aide; as she is, technically, still a godsmen.

He believes Svanna has been a guest of Harbringer House these past few years. She was brought to them by the Dabus. Much is unknown and unexplored in Harbringer House. Of the unaccounted included a gril they called the Dreamer. She never wakes. If a caretaker approaches, they fall catatonic. They eventually learned how to enter her dreams and speak to her. She hasn’t aged and deosn’t eat. She was kept in a room near the Harbringer’s dinning hall. The room was breached. Perhaps she’s been taken or wandered out of the Godsmen-controlled area.

As for sightings of the Grey Men, there’ve been many in teh Harbinger House. The Factol was injured by one in an attack. He doesn’t know if there was just one, or many.

We learn that the Farseer is also missing. The Farseer was in Harbringer House when the Godsmen arrived, some 60 years ago.

The injuries and the malevolent force in the house makes the Factol reluctant to resume operations and to send more caretakers into potential danger.

The caretaker of the house Bereth replaced old Favor; and now she too is missing.

1st rule, state of conflict.

We give the key to Akin.
We get a cold iron short sword for Chryseis, from Hinrik.

After an evening service, Linni and Chryseis approach Ismine. They sit in a nearby pew as Linni tells her story. After the Law Shredder killed her, she was in a desert. She walked for days, weeks. Then she found a cave. The walls were first plane and organic and slowly became more man-made. When she could walk no more, she sat before a mirror. In it she saw images. Beautiful and horrible in their turn. She saw people she knew, people she didn’t. Then she saw Athena.

She broke through the reflective surface into the Harbringer House, where Chryseis found her. It seems one of the Law Shredder’s victims did escape. Ismine is shocked and amazed and happy. She re-introduces Linni to Melissa and Media.

Eki gets the bracers – they are infused with magic that should protect him.

The Harmonium get a report about the book. It’s sentient. It’s uncooperative and insists on speaking with its master. Ekios. Yougros son. So, Eki gets the book.

3rd day of unity, state of order, 128 YFHR
Day of Charity

There’s a clear sky. WE can see the full curve of the city. Tensions continue to rise: civil disobedience is on the rise. Many give the Law Shredder the motive of trying to take down the standing order — and now the Harmonium patrols are being attacked by masked bandits. Intent on finishing what the Law Shredder began.

Ekikos is home, and stays the night. He goes down stairs to make tea and catches Aelia sneaking in. She seems distraught, so they chat. Aelia is still seeing the smith’s apprentice. He wants to marry her, but Yougros disapproves. She worries about Sarros. He’s a determined godsmen. He’s seeking opportunities to better his position and find money. Seems Sarros looks up to Eki.

Sarros works at the Armour works across from the Back Sails. After Eki agrees to speak to Sarros, Aelia goes to bed.

During the night bandits put graffiti on the Athenium. We gather as a neighborhood to help clean it off.

That day, Eki visits Sarros at the Armoury. After briefly cleaning himself, Sarros accompanies Eki to the black sails for a chat. It seems Sarros has hooked up with a new faction. Eki listens, while plying the lad with more and more alcohol. Once drunk, he takes Sarros to meet Chryseis.


Sigil. Session 44.
Saturday, 28 February, 2009

5th day, 3rd rule of the 128th year of Factol Hashtorn’s Reign.
Night of wrath (most probably).

The fight is over. The Law Shredder is dead. The Cambion is driven back to the Hells, and the ominous orb is destroyed.

A tense silence falls across the room. A large crater sits over which the ominous orb once stood. The Law Shredder, an angel and a host of dead demons are scattered about. We are all damaged, but alive. There is a circle of bloody bodies at the edge of the crater. Ekikos stands amidst it. Casting caution to the wind, he stretches his hand into the portal. It elongates. He says “This is a one way trip I believe.” And he climbs out of the portal.

Trollan is weeping. Chryseis goes to examine the Law Shredder. Ekikos asks Zoe to take care of Trollan. Linni is alternating between joy and illness; she settles on screaming for joy and kicking the remains. Ekikos goes to examine the angel.

Chryseis gingerly picks up the Dwarven greatsword. She feels an awful grinding in her chest that is eerily familiar. She wraps the sword in the ratty blanket. Zoe goes to console Trollan. Trollan is crushed by the fact that the Lady ignored him.

Chryseis casts detect magic. There are three distinct magical auras in the room: The Dwarven sword is quite powerful. The Law Shredder’s chained shirt (moderate abjuration) and small bloodied item at his belt (a kama) are also magical. The workmanship is strangely familiar. It seems to be silver — it’s the Law Shredder’s harbringer blade. She gingerly pulls the shirt from the body. She also takes his head.

The angel has three auras on her. Her forearms are covered by bracers (moderate abjuration), a longsword, and a dagger; much like Ludvik’s.

Ekikos goes to explore the room to the east of the … ritual room. There is a mirror in there that looks into a street on the Lower Ward in Sigil. While digging around, he finds a book in a sack. It is bound in tanned and blackend flesh. Its cover bears a seven-pointed star. Chryseis looks at the book (after asking Athena’s aide to read it) and a single line is written out upon the page “You want my knowledge, master?” Chryseis closes the book.

Chryseis looks at the dagger, and thinks about Svana. The dagger seems to drink the blood, but in truth it flows through it and falls to the floor. The blade seems to shimmer a bit; but nothing seems to occur.

Ekikos and Linni perform the grisly task of moving the bodies of the 13 victims into the small room to the east; laying the bodies out in state away from the Law Shredder & the demons.

There’s a grinding of stone in the corner and sparks fly. Chryseis is the only one who heard it and saw it from the corner of her eye. She turned to look and it was gone. She warns us that someone else might be here. The room seems unsound as we examine it. The walls and wood are warped.

Trollan is muttering in his mourning. “People always heeded my words, they flocked to me but I was guarded for fear that I influenced them too much. Then one day a priest came to Ecstasy and told me about the Lady of Pain” He’d never met someone who ignored him before. He was infatuated. He waited so long for the Lady to come to him. Someone who beguiles with his voice, was himself beguiled. He proclaims his intention to turn the people away from their love of the Lady and then return to clean Harbringer house and calm the keepers. Then he will wait there for the Lady.

Trollan and Chryseis do the heal thing.

Trollan goes into the small room and dips his short sword’s silver blade into the mirror. The mirror reflection bows, and the region near the ditch is reflected. When he swirls his sword in the mirror again, blood gem park appears.

Zoe jumps through the mirror. She falls out of a tenement building’s window that faces the street. Aaaa!

3 or 4 score followers have massed. There are a lot of spectators (mostly Doomguard), and a good smattering of them have signs that carry signs saying “The end is nigh”, and “The end times are among us”. There are at least seven squads of Harmonium in the area.

Chryseis walks up to a squad. Learns that Measure III Drillix is in charge of the scene. He’s also the day watch commander of the Lower Ward garrison. She finds him and they talk, briefly. The Harmonium push the crowds back 10 paces. Not everyone’s too happy about this, but the thick red line broke no intolerance.

Trollan approaches the gathered. His followers cheer, the crowd swallows him, and some start to chant his name. The Doomguard raise an equal cheer, believing this to be the beginning of the end. Trollan climbs up atop the fountain and speaks to the gathered masses. As Trollan talks, hryseis spots Kit. He’s one of the ones holding Trollan up. Trollan tells his followers to go to Extasy. He puts Kit in charge of the masses. Kit heads out of the park. Chyrseis flags him down and speaks to him asking him to seek out his sister when he returns to Ecstasy.

The Harmonium none-too-gently clears a path. As the followers move along, a score or more spectators fall into line. Apparently, they’re on their way to Ecstasy too.

It’s drizzling still. We accompany Trollan to another portal, and he heads back to Harbringer house through a reflection.

On the way back towards Cross guard, we go looking for Lunch.

We go to the Foundry gates. Wrought iron and 3 stories tall. After a check, we are escorted in to see the Factol, across the factory floor.

Factol Ambar leads us further into the Forge; trying to find a quieter place to chat. He leads us to a one-story, two-room house in the middle of the factory floor. Its walls are made of green glass.

There, we tell him our tale from when we went to Kurst on through the situation at the Harbringer house. After hearing the tale, the Factol is stunned. He turns away from us. They’ve not had a blade to get into Harbringer house. And without one, they’ve been out of contact with the house for about a week. Chryseis gives him the blades we found–giving him a way to get back into Harbinger house.

He leaves, intent on getting back into Harbinger house.

About 10 minutes later–Patroclus comes in. He comments on Eki’s tatoos. They chat and Patroclus invites Eki over for dinner on gluttony night. Afterwards Patroclus guides us out.

We head towards cross-guard. There’s a crowd around the well outside the Athenium. Some of them are chanting derogatory things. A third are wearing colors and a third are wearing Athar colors. Athar protests are not uncommon, but this time there’s a large number of Zeus priests. There’s also a squad of Harmonium women present to keep the peace. As we get closer, we hear something that carries over the voices. It dawns on us that it’s Ardallas, son of Hephaestus. He’s returned.

Chryseis walks in amidst the crowd. Eventually the Hard heads loose their patience and threaten to scrag the lot of them if there’s no order here. Ardallas comes out, kneels before Chryseis, and kisses her robe. He’s been waiting for her for 2 days. The locals start throwing wrotten um… vegetable matter at the hecklers and dumping chamber pots over them. The Athar make a hasty retreat.

Ardallas starts wooing Chryseis.

Sigil. Session XXXXIII
Saturday, 31, January 2009
5th day, 3rd rule, state of dominance, 128 YFHR
Day of Forgiveness

Along the way, we learn that the new woman is Linni – back from the land of the dead. She has two silver blades, Harbringer blades; and is no longer a tiefling. Now she is human.

Trollan says they are abyssil demons called Dredges. He claims that holy weapons work well against them and that we should use thunder instead of lightning against them. They can unleash clouds of poisonous gas. We receive the blessings of Athena, and we move in. The fight does not last long, and other than retreating to the corridor until the gas fades, we are undeterred.

In the room beyond we find a blue pulsing sphere. There are glyphs in the floor and walls that seem to relate to teh Abyss. Around the base of hte globe are 13 captives. All are cut by a number of slashes; most are weak, one has collapsed and all are injured.

From the far door, a demon walks in. Eki punches him. They fight. Zoe tries to free the victims. A group of smaller demons enter the room and engage Chryseis and Eki. When the smaller demons die, they release a plume of acid. The acid kills the captives. Amidst the chaos a beautiful woman enters the room through the door on the opposite side of the room.

She tries to convince Trollan that she’s the Lady, but he sees through her illusion.

Trollan attacks the globe and invokes the lady’s name. We assist.

She unsheathes her sword and says “Slide, slide into the Abyss. Leave your cage behind.” She then kills the first captive. Chryseis moves to stop her.

Then Sougad enters. Linni rolls under the globe and attacks him. Sougade calls the angel Nariel.

Sigil. Session XXXXII
Saturday, 17, January 2009
5th day, 3rd rule, state of dominance, 128 YFHR
Day of Forgiveness

The combat continues, and it seems to get worse. Zoe manages to get un-stuck from between the statue and the wall, and asks Trollan to make Chance stop. Trollan tries, but Chance believes that he must obey the dice – the dice don’t lie. As Eki and Chance grapple, Zoe uses far hand to snatch the dice and give them to Trollan. Trollan threatens to destroy them; but it doesn’t stop Chance. He declares that it wasn’t Sougad’s lucky day either. He runs Eki through, but fortunatelly Trollan and Chryseis manage to heal him. Chryseis manages to disarm Chance and scoops up the short sword. Chance tries to evade, but is blocked by Chryseis. Eventually he falls backwards into the mirror.

Eki tries to destroy the mirror and fails. He offers to play a game called 3 Dragon Ante to get his sword and dice back. He wins. We leave.

We see a woman in red int he corridore. She claims to be neither a Harbringer nor a Keeper. She walks through doors we cannot enter. She warns us that if Sougad’s here then she doesn’t have much time.

We go to the commons, where we encounter Sulran. He’s scared almost witless. He says Sougad came through here. The Lady to the lawful good ones away. Chryseis finds a body int he laundry’s was basin. We go back into the hall and try various doors.

We enter a large room whose walls are covered in mirrors. There’s a large circular stairwell int eh center. Chryseis sees the forge in which she was found. As she walks by one mirror we hear a crack and a woman falls out; grabbing at Chryseis and calling her Athena.

The stairs lead to a landing. Sitting on the landing is a 1/2 elven man. He suffers when we make too much noise. The images in the mirror seem to collide when he looses his concentration. We learn the woman in red is named Nariel; and he gives us directions to her current location. He suggests we hurry. He is called the Farseer.

We follow the Farseer’s directions and are met by 5 short piles of shambling flesh.

Sigil. Session XXXXI
Saturday, 3, January 2009
5th day, 3rd rule, state of dominance, 128 YFHR
Day of Forgiveness

We have returned home.

The fog has lifted and a light drizzle makes visibility good today (we can see about a mile up the curve).

Trollan says we need a mirror large enough to be a portal. When we step outside the shop that holds the portal to Kurst, Trollan kneels and prays to the lady. We try to provide him cover, but he is devout in his duties and ignores the evil looks he gets from people who pass by.

In new market we find a tinker’s shop selling a metal mirror. We suddenly hear a loud thunder clap; the ground shakes. We run outside and a small dust cloud is settling into the central district. Eki runs off to find the source of the noise.

Chryseis negotiates a price of 33 gold for the mirror.

Eki finds his way is blocked by a brace of hard heads and doom guard who are closing in the area. One of the overpass bridges collapsed. There are a few dead Dabus in the rubble. Apparently the Dabus have been overbuilding the area for the past 4 days. The hard heads blocked off the area yesterday and locals assumed the collapse was imminent.

Eki runs back to us with the chant.

Near the ditch we find a beggar willing to help us. We pay for his time. In the industrial sector we find a good view of the Gatehouse. Chryseis prays for our protection, we set up the mirror and Trollan draws his shortsword. It’s curved and made of silver. He plunges the blade into the mirror’s surface. The quicksilver blends about. He kneels down and scoots through. We follow, leaving a rather confused beggar holding the mirror.

It feels like we’ve stepped through a portal. We step out on a solid wood floor. It’s Dimmer in here. We see a man sitting in a chair. Trollan calls him Horace, but he doesn’t answer. Instead he keeps chanting: “Chaos dance, chaos murder, the Abyss is what I yearn.”

A nearby office contains administrative duty rosters, inventories, etc. Also included are the journals of the administrator. There’s a journal on the desk. Several pages have been torn out, but the last few pages are intact.

Of the residence several resistents have seen a strange woman wandering the halls.
2D 3R Sate of Doom (3 days ago)
Bad open. 2 escaped. Believed something bad is going on.

We organize the papers and find files ont eh inmates. Zoe starts looking for Svanna’s name, but time is an issue.

Eki finds a survivor in the mess hall. He claims everything is his and welcomes us to the domain of “Astral”. Eki’s sure he’s a barmie. Trollan identifies him and ask what he’s doing here. Astral and Eki fight, and Astral seems to mimic Eki’s abilities. Eki, Zoe and Chryseis manage to take Astral down. Chryseis stabilizes him and puts him in a cell where he can rest.

In the kitchen we find two humans at work. A man is running from pot to pot, putting various ingredients in. A woman is dressed in a burlap sack, tied with a piece of dried razor vine. She’s sniffing the pots. She asks if we’ve come for dinner, or are we dinner. Her name is Graella and she says that Narin is moving today. She approaches Chryseis with her butcher’s knife. Je ferme la port.

In the entry way – the mirror shows a view into the park of the Infernal and Divine.

We meet up with Verina. She says there’s a darkness that’s come to the house. She heals Eki with a touch. She says the caretakers have stopped coming and she’s had no visitors for a long time.

We go back to the carpet room and try to track the Law Shredder by scent.

Harbringer house is most confusing. Doors side by side lead in completely different directions. Each major door seems to be some sort of portal to … somewhere else. Every mirror is a window into a new and different place; some seem familiar but most do not.

In a room lined with statues of important Godsmen, we meet Chance; a man to whom luck is very good. We can’t seem to not fight him, and every move we make against him seems to rebound against ourselves. We are defeated before we can begin.

Sigil. Session XXXX
Sunday, December 20th, 2008
4th day, 4rd rule, State of Dominance, 128 YFHR
The day of Diligence (continued)

We are in Kurst, amidst a bar fight in the Undead Unicorn. An archer stands behind his three companions–all of which are determined to kill Trollan. It seems we 4 are the only ones able to stand between Trollan and his assassins. Trollan’s companions are split between a group willing to stand up and fight, and a group uncertain of what to do.

The Archer cries out “Strike down the Lovers of the Lady before they doom us all!”. After a few pot shots, Zoe runs to Trollan and tries to quickly hand him a healing potion. Chryseis is forced to stay close to Trollan just to keep him alive. Ekikos managed to take down the archer and between his martial prowess (and Trollan’s amazing speaking ability), the assassins surrender. Ekikos takes the archer’s bow and arrows, and we depart with Trollan and his followers out the back way before the watch can arrive.

We exit the back door and loose ourselves in Kurst. After some careful asking, Zoe manages to find the local beggars and gets good advice on which streets to avoid and where we can hole up. A serving wench (Yared) at the Quartered Man gives us space in the back of the stables. She provides day old bread and water. It gives us a safe place to talk and plan.

We tell Trollan about the fate of his followers in Sigil. He beleives it would have been different had he led them personally. We learn he too was a prisoner/guest of Harbringer House. It seems he saw the Lady there.

After gathering some information, Chryseis goes to the guard and inists to see the commander (Vrel Zarhasclar). She convinces the guard to call for the senior Sargent (Quarz), but it takes some doing. Eventually she convinces the first guard to go straight to the commander. Chryseis talks to him alone and the mere threat that the Lady might seek out Trollan is enough to grant us exit from the city of Kurst.

One hour after sunset we return to the gate and go through the many gates of Kurst. On our way out a madman charges us screeching that “She’s not ready.” and some nonsense about more deaths and it’s not time. We race through the gate and the Captain strikes the madman down.

We move away from the city and camp.

That night Zoe dreams in the midnight forest. In the well she sees Ludvik and the glass woman talking about Svanna. She can’t understand the language. They talk, the glass woman crys and they embrace. Svanna doesn’t talk and Ludvik’s dagger melts and flows through the cracks in the floor. The images fade when the glass woman plunges her hands in the pool of quick silver. Zoe is left with the unsettling feeling that Ludvik did not wake up.

5th day.
In a tree near the city’s edge we manage to pull a few shinnies from the bones. 5 gold rings, 2 platnum rings and a key. We cut the hanged man down and lay out the dead properly before returning to the portal. The portal key is indeed a key. We can now return to Sigil.

Saturday, 2 November, 2008

Session XXXVI

2nd night, 3rd rule, state of Dominance, 128 YOFHR

Night of Gluttony

Weather: light rain, picking up with a light wind.

We head back to Grossef’s paints, looking for Ludvik. We pas a few contigents of Hard heads going our way. There’s an unusual number of people out tonight. The streeds grow more and more crowded as we approach Blood Gem Park. Mercykillers are trying to control the crowds.

There’s a sizeable throng of dustmen and dabus in the park — working to clear the park of the dead. We find Ludvik nealing atop the wall of the park. He joins us, looking somewhat green.

He was attacked by mind rats. We find a quiet spot and use the dust of creation to make a lilly. Narcovi is in the park ranting. Chryseis goes to talk to Narcovi. Narcovi is furious! She is shaking, she’s just that mad!

Narcovi charges Chryseis to retrieve the LawShredder. Turns out the LawShredder killed Tenscore just a few hours ago; while Tenscore was returning from delivering the mancatchers. Then the LawShredder had Tenscore’s body delivered to the Barracks by sedan chair.

Chryseis returns to us and tells us Narcovi’s We leave them alone. The factol was consoling the women in blue. He comes towards u, motioning that he wants to talk. The factol takes Chryseis away for a few minutes.

When she returns, we learn that the Lawshredder’s real name is Sugad. He and Trollan were both int eh Godsmen’s care. The Godsmen believe both these men are just one step away from ebcoming gods. Trollan believes that the Lady holds him in high regard.

One of their first victims was their sheppard. Chryseis got his files. Trollan the mad grew up in Extasy. He arrived in Sigil six years ago, singing his love. The Dabus brought Trollan to Harbringer house.

Sugat killed for 7 days. Each of the 9 victims was terrified at death. Incidental vidence led the investigators to believe that he was frightened off his last victim by supernatural beings. Sugat comes from Athos and was the ward of an evil wizard. Sugat causes fear, seems know everyone’s aximatic essence and can grab someone doing lightning damage.

He needs to commit 13 ritualized murders, using each to gain in power.

Both Sugat and Trollan escaped at the same time. But the Factol doesn’t believe they were working together.

With the lilly formed, we return to the tennament and go up to the 4th floor. Seems a mercy killer went through here recently. Eki goes up on the roof and finds two people standing there. They are wearing the light blue and gold robes of hte mages. Hyzik speaks to the male. When he comes back, we learn that he can’t come with us. The mages are happy that they’ve found a new portal.

We say goodbye to Hyzik and use the fabricated lilly. It opens the portal and we go through. It leads to a large rose garden, bursting with life.

We find a blood trail and muddy foot prints. It’s really dark. There’s only starlight to work by. We follow what little trail there is to an archway leanding out of the garden. Beyond are sewn fields and a pastoral town.

Lanterns are hung off pillars of various heights. The pillars seem randomly placed throughout the fields, and the town. A few houses are even built around pillars. The pillars are hexagonal basalt plynths.

The pillars in the near distance are occupied as a person sits atop each one. A halfling atop a nearby pillar coughs gently, interupting our conversation as we try to figure out where to go. He welcomes us to Extasy. His name is Artimore Far. Eki agrees to bring him some local ale when we pass back this way.

As we wander into town, another halfling stops. When he sees us he tries to run away. Eki catches him, and eventually we learn that his name is Gander. He’s president of the welcoming committee. He’s running to inform the twon that two bodies have been found. One was in the hall behind Melissa’s house and the other is at the inn of the Impulsive Dabus. Revelhold run by Madame Pelani.

A woman we pass later informs us that the Dark Hunter has instigated a curfew.

Eki encounters a modron. It tells us that its command unit was injured. It asks us to follow it. It leads us to a cubed shaped quadron splayed on the ground. It’s been sliced apart with six cut marks. We search the area and find a note pinned to the eyelid of the quadron. We find three partially consumed nut shells.

As we’re looking about, a large sineous silver hound pads up to us and howels. We are quickly surrounded by more hounds. After a bit the Dark Hunter arrives. We learn from him that three more have died in similar fashion.

We inform him of the Lawshredder and his intent. We head to the temple district, leaving the modrons behind. There we meet Anjoliva and Evane. They are headed to the Temple of the Beloved. They are Lovers. We patrol the ground. Zoe catches the smell of woodsmoke in the air. Eki spots the fire on the second floor and calls out to warn those inside.

Saturday, 15 November, 2008

Session XXXVII

2nd night, 3rd rule, state of Dominance, 128 YOFHR

Night of Gluttony

We’re in Extasy.

Eki runs into the church, and the rest of us follow. He burbles like the Jabberwoky and attacks the Lawshredder. Chryseis joins into the fray while trying to get the Lovers to evacuate. Some run out the open doors, but most go to the alter. A priest amongst them invokes the Lady for protection.

The Lawshredder kills one woman, and the fire kills another. The Lawshredder dies when the building, fully aflame, collapses upon him. The wolves arrive in time to help get the remaining Lovers out of the building before it collapses.

Eki was greviously injured by the Lawshredder, and Chryseis is barely able to pull him out of the building. She tries to heal him, but he does not respond. She cries quicksilver tears, and suddenly, Eki is not burnt.

The Dark Hunter tries to heal Eki. He gasps. He lives! The Dark Hunter and his hounds (Moon dogs) heal the others. He departs as the sun starts to rise. The temple falls in on itself.

Day of Charity

The Sun Master arrives. She is radient in gold. She is flanked by three Solars (angels) she questions the survivors and learns about us. When we tell her about the modrons, she sends a Solar to fetch them. We are then welcomed to her Sol Rise Tower.

We’re lead down amber colored stairs to a palatial set of rooms. Shortly after arriving, we are greeted by a livered servant by the name of Andas. Eki asks for a bath and change of clothes. We poke about. The rooms have a balcony that overlooks the town.

We spend time in the palace sleeping, eating and wandering about. In the afternoon, we are called to see the Sun Master. We learn the names of the dead.

Baldod, Dwarven cleric. Killed in the Ambitious Dabus Inn.

Kalise of the Faterinty of Order (the Philospher’s Court)

Derrick the Blue, a Mercykiller


Evaine in the temple

Jaliba the Relaxed died when the temple collapsed

Eki gets a little bottle of petal wine and leaves it beside Artimore Far’s sleeping form atop a pillar.

Sunday, December 14th, 2008
4th day, 3rd rule, State of Domiance, 128 YFHR
The day of Dilligance

We have to go to Kurst to fetch Kit (Brother to Corelliala, the crying woman in Blood Gem Park) and Trollan, for the Believer’s of the source factol, Ambar Vergrove.

In speaking with Hyzik at the Incantarium, Zoe learns of a Locksmith in New Haven who’s interior arch is a one-way gate to Kurst. We need manacles or chains to open it, but Zoe promises not to tell anyone. He can’t tell Zoe how to get back.

Hyzik is a raccoon of mystery. He won’t tell Zoe who his master might be, refuses to allow her to meet him, and then gives her a gift. The gift is a bracelet. In return for the gift, she is asked to tell the Incantarium all about the device.

Hyzik tells he he’s also supposed to convince her to join the Incantarium.

Eki buys rations for the trip. We pray at the Athenium, and get an extra set of masterwork manacles at Zoe’s insistence. We then go to the Locksmith’s in New Market.

After passing through the portal (the shop keeper pretends to ignore us); we come out in a tangle of razorvine. The air is warm, and it is dark here. To the left, int eh far distance we see the spire. To the right – mountains.

There’s a mummified corpse in the center of the razor vine. Near the city wall are more tangles of razor vine. The vine seems centered around a long-dead tree.

We walk around the city wall. The walls are taller than the buildings within.

Along the way a mummified body hanging off the tree and riddled with razor vine speaks to us. His head turns 180 degrees on his neck to face us.

He tells us the city is a trap. They’ll let us in, but we won’t get out. If you try to leave make sure you have a place to go. You need a definite goal and proof of a place to go back to.

We talk briefly about this, but still approach the gate. The guards let us in without question. They look almost bored. They come out and flank the entry with pikes. We enter. The wall is 30 feet thick with several gates and lots of murder holes. One guard recommends we try the Undead unicorn if were looking for bub.

The place resembles parts of the Hive. A ghetto, like sandstone court. We get barked at. Listening to the gossip, we hear a few familiar names. One cutter called “The Burger”. We think he’s Torves Giljaff. He use to be an Ather Factol.

Most people are paranoid about the wall watch, and fearful of pressgangs. We see a few “public buildings”. A tavern has a plackard of a quartered man.

There’s talk of someone called the Baron. The wall watch commander is Baron Yrel Zonthascar. We continue to wander about. We see men wearing amber colored robes. Assuming they are Lovers, we follow them. They are well armed.

We enter the Undead unicorn, leaving the four on the. Inside is a table of Lovers – and Trollan is amongst them. The folk in the door draw weapons and attack Trollan. His group rush to his defense. As do we.

Saturday, 2 August, 2008
Session XXXI
7th day, Center rule, State of Dominance, 127 FHR
Day of Humility

It’s early morning. There is a light haze covering the city.

Lini was found murdered this morning, outside the Ascention drinking hall. A hard-head patrol is there now. Aurelius tells the Prioress and the other priestesses the news. It seems there’s a confrontation between the Godsmen and the garrison as to who has jurisdiction. The drinking hall is a guild hall to the Godsmen, and Lini died on their territory.

Women arrive at the Athenium for morning service. They must have overhead some of Aurelius’s news. Ismene is at a loss. She sends Aurelius to the scene to wait for us, then asks Chryseis to look into it. She moves quickly to provide comfort to the locals. Chryseis meets up with us at the well. Ludvik knows the Ascension as a huge Godsmen bar. We gear up and go.

Just before leaving, we pray to Athena for clarity and victory. The Ascension is in the Foundry distinct in Grey Steam Path (just off Ash Row). It’s located behind the Foundry. The Harmonium is limiting foot traffic into the area. Chryseis is recognized by the present hard heads, as the people guarding the site are the night watch from the local garrison.

Corvo and the Githyanki bar owners are arguing jurisdiction. Lini’s body is still on the ground, covered with a blanket. It lies half hidden behind a water barrel at the entrance to an alleyway running along the outer wall of the Ascension. It’s easy to believe no one noticed her for a while, especially if it happened during hte night.

The Githyanki is named Jullius. He doesn’t want hard heads in his bar.

Corvis shows us Lini’s body. Her face is frozen in panic and fear. She’s been cleaved in two with a deep slashing weapon across her right breast. The second slash is from her left rip to the right hip (which is exposed and broken open). The third slash cuts deeply into her left thigh. She died from shock and blood loss. Indeed, the alleyway is sticky with her blood.

There are no signs that she fought back. She’s lying on her spears. Her knife is still on her belt and her hands and arms bear no wounds. The magical strands around her have been cleaved. Something fairly strong happened here. The ground is covered in blood from the body. There are spatters around the water barrel where the altercation seems to have started.

Corvis continues. The first harmonium guard on the scene found the body. The altercation started in the street and finished in the alleyway. People heard the screams but the hard heads have found no witnesses to the murder. He found burn marks on her forearms. These are inconsistent with burning, but resembles the burns caused by electrical discharges.

Ludvik wanders into the spectators to try and pick up the chant.

The Alley was is swept relatively clean, so there’s not much junk to go through. There are two sets of prints in the alleyway; one smaller (Lini’s) and the other is larger. I find 3 mostly intact (cracked and dried out) nut shells. Touching them seems to make them disintegrate into dust. Chryseis thinks they might have been material components, but it’s odd that there would be anything left of a material component after the spell has been cast.

The Hag’s eye believes the nut shells are used to create some sort of glamour effect that causes confusion.

Ludvik finds a wolfhound that looks familiar. The dog is standing at the edge of the crowd, as if waiting for him. Ludvik follows and the wolfhound leads him around the corner of a nearby tenement building. There, Ludvik meets CryFalcon, a friend of Melissa’s. He knows a lot about Ludvik’s adventures. He calls the dog Shuck. Cry Falcon is a human man, in his mid 40s with only a graying fringe of hair around a bald cap. He has silvery eyes and a wound on the left-side of his jaw that healed into a ragged scar. CryFalcon tells Kudvik to pass the word that Narcovi should come and look at this murder.

The Lawshredder is back. The person responsible for 7 murders a few years ago, just up and disappeared without ever being caught. CryFalcon believes Lini was the third Lawshredder murder of this set. Last time the first murder was a chaotic victim – this time it was Sodd Dirk. The smith makes the weapon and then is run through with it. Each victim after the 1st dies with one more slash than the last. The LawShredder’s pattern is that all who die will be lawful faction members.

Ludvik returns and tells us the dark of it. A small figure gets my attention. I meet him in the alleyway across the road. It’s a human (about 8-9 years of age, standing a head shorter than Eki). He’s a street urchin of my acquaintance named Erchand. He saw the killing. He saw Lini struggling with someone big. The attacker was a big man with crazy hair, human eyes all bugged out. He had a big sword and he cut her down. Then, after she fell, he took her sword. He thinks the big man rifled through her pockets.

After he cut her down there was a red light that went out of her body. It danced along his blade and up his arm.

The Hag’s eye also finds a small piece of paper, pinned to Lini’s cloak. The message is scrawled in blood, and reads: “Chaos is the only law. Washed clean of the blood of order”. Chryseis collects the note and keeps the pin.

While Chryseis is talking to Corvus, a small contingent of Godsmen approach. Chryseis sends Corvus off with a quick note written to Narcovi. The Godsman’s factol comes to review the scene. Chryseis tells him that she believes the Law Shredder has returned and gives him a good summary of events, thereby gaining his support. He asks for updates on the case as it unfolds. He gives her a token so that she can speak with him again.

After he leaves, Chryseis speaks with the Innkeeper. From him she learns that Lini closed up the place with the Innkeep. There are only a few people in the bar then. It was a regular night. Chryseis speaks to the remaining three who are still here. One who was deep in conversation with Lini before she left, had left early, but the conversation was not remembered as cold or unusual, rather she was catching up with him. The three present readily vouch for the other three who left. The bar is well appointed and clean. The Innkeeper believes Lini left at 4 or 5 in the morning.

Back at the garrison, Chryseis checks but she finds no local records of murder in the district. She looks up Sod Dirk’s murder. The reports say that his body was found by an assistant in the morning. He was killed the night before. He was run through once. No signs of the sword, but there was an empty scabbard on the floor near the body. The murder was investigated by Ismene.

Ludvik spreads the chant in little Bytopia. Learns that there’s a private group who are buying rights to the entire spikeward edge. They want to build a steam funicular around the edge of the city.

While Chryseis is doing paperwork, she learns that Ismine thought Sod Dirk’s murder was related to burglary and nothing more. Chryseis finds one other murder that sets off alarm bells in her metal head. She makes copies of the various reports. She sends out request for information about similar murders.

I run into Eliath and go looking for information.

Chryseis receives notice that Narcovi received Chryseis’s note. Narcovi is on her way to the local garrison. The HW garrison had found records of a murder of an Athar. The body was discovered in an Athar Bunkhouse of Powers row. It was a Borear female, 25 years of age, named Vienna of the Athar. She was found with a terrified expression on her face and 2 deep cuts to her flanks. There was a note pinned to her hide with the same message as we found on Lini. There were two others in the bunkhouse that night. Kuari found the body. There was a deposition from Monrot, but Monrot stank of alcohol; so the office did not include the deposition.

Ludvik went looking for the bunkhouse and ran into Eliath and I. He talked in sway into the bunk house in question and convinced an amicable 1/2 ling to show us the murder site. The 1/2ling claims Vienna’s attacker had big hair and turned into a mephit.