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This is a repertoire of the interesting, the odd, and the things I want to remember. I promise neither order nor logic herein. Consider yourself warned.

  • I’d love to have the habit of a recipe journal like Orland Gough. I am always mesmerized by personal comments and stories around food. Orland Gough’s column on Toast shows a quirky sense of humour that I can admire while being amused. Having been shown the column, it is now part of my google reader news feed.
  • An email this morning reminded me that EN World has a kickstarter program. While I don’t frequent the site as much as I once did (not being interested in D&D since 3.5), I do still frequent the site and keep intending to buy a membership to show my support. Their products are good and often crafted with the GM stuck in a rut in mind. I must remember to fund the project, not just for the bennies, but because it’s a good sight and it deserves my support. Admittedly, I’m a bit torn as I really like Obsidian Portal; and have a few campaigns hosted there.  Their functionality is replicated by EN World.
  • It seems the flood is over. (Updated:2nd leak) I first saw pictures and video on facebook about this last night after coming home from the gym. Many were  criticizing the idea of trying to fix a water pipe in the depths of winter. Those people failed to realize the city only performs these tasks only when they must. While accidents happen, I am looking forward to hearing about the investigation which should follow this mistake.
  • Creamy Indian-spiced vegan sweet potato soup. Looks tasty. Added it to my recipe list. Since I already have the ingredients, this would be a good experiment (even if I do have to eat it for breakfast and lunch rather than dinner due to its starch content).
  • Pan-Roasted Halibut with Caper vinaigrette. Another interesting recipe with a simple vinaigrette. I like pan-roasting fish, especially when I can get a good sear on it.
  • Following the advice on this SE Talk thread, I googled “Chineses Steamed Fish” recipes; and I found one on Steamy Kitchen. It’s more of a guide than a specific recipe, but it seems easy enough. Guess I should finally get a bamboo steamer.
  • While I am usually all for increases in Canadian employment and sourcing, this Scientific American editorial  sums up my opinions on the Tar Sands quite susinctly.
  • This title caught my eye: One key to curing cancer: Interior decorating? I’ll definitely be reading that later.
  • I want to create a home journal. You know, someday. Soon.
  • Here’s another reason to support EN World. A post today (DND3E New Campaing -Help) pointed to this thread, which is, essentially – how to write your own campaign.
After watching this videoI went looking for console emulators. While I still have my (borrowed) Sega Genesis and old Colico vision; I rarely plug them in any more. I still love the games, but am often too lazy to try and get them to work with my TV.
Cabling & lighting video for the cabinet: Suggest using plastic grommets over the holes to run the wiring on the back. Definitely need a Belkin surge protector (special for wall worts that get extra warm).
Cabinet part 3 (video-swithcing portion)Atlona video switchers. Don’t think they can be shipped to Canada. Sigh.
How to play old school console games on your computerThe article describes how to find and run an emulator, then seek out and load a ROM (a game). While not for everyone, this might be the perfect game solution for a laggy laptop with limited ram and graphics. Besides, how else are you going to replay the games that you could never beat as a kid. Golden axe here I come!  Oooh. They have Gauntlet too. CoolRom is mentioned in the article above and it is indeed a great index of available ROMs.

  • Book Indexing part 1. Is the computer the right tool for the job. Link taken from the CopyEditing-L posting. An interesting article, and one that made me subscribe to the Linga Franca RSS feed. This first article covers the basics (the difference between a concordance and an index). I’ve never written a full index; instead, due to time constraints, I’m often limited to editing a concordance to make it more “index like”.  The article makes me wonder if I could.
  • How to reclaim space in GMail. This is something I should probably do on a regular basis. I use IMAP with GMail; but even so – my online repository could be slimmed down consderably. I’m starting to think I should keep a list of various electronic “spring cleaning” tasks like the security tasks I’ve tagged for doing later (like updating facebook security settings, cleaning out my Google cache, …)
  • Photography’s Three Basic Tenets in Eight Bits and Nine Minutes. A video (9m42s – hosted on Vimeo, found on Gizmodo) that might just help improve my photography.  Must remember to watch this sometime soon(ish).
  • How to join the dark side. A link to an article that includes a link that eventually takes you to the steps a willing costumer took to join the 501st legion. There is, surprisingly a jawa group (ok Tusken Raiders and Jawas group); as well as a costume maker’s (rough) guide.

Over the weekend I tried a few new recipes.

These included: Lentil chili and festive diabetic cornbread; both were good – but neither could be called a complete success.

The lentil chili was really good – but I botched the recipe (using a 28 oz can of tomatoes instead of a 14 oz can). So it was lentil soup. To thicken it I added a cup of barley. It thickened a bit too much, but still tasted OK. Unfortunately the thickness lent itself to be eaten with a fork and there was no broth to sop up with the festive diabetic cornbread. The lentil cornbread was OK; but would probably taste better if I had added a ton of spices; and without any liquid in the chili – the cornbread was just too dry to eat alone.

The chili was really good but no one wanted a second piece of cornbread.

Tonight it’s 4-Alarm Salsa Chicken; another experiment.

The Cage
A fantasy game started in the year 121 of factol Hasgar’s reign, the characters are all from the same neighborhood in the city of Sigil. They begin adventuring together at a very young age, and the campaign follows their adventures in the city of doors.

The game uses the d20 rule system. Player names are not used in this blog to try and protect their privacy; although I do hope they’ll comment.

Back issues and GM handouts can be found in the Sigil game logs pn my website.

Each post for the Cage game will be labeled/tagged Sigil to help players (and I suppose other readers) find the posts related to this game. When an adventure is complete, I’ll compile it and add it to the Sigil game logs pn my website.

A speculative-fiction superhero game set in 2032, the characters are all powered FBI agents in a world where magic has returned at the cost of technology. They work for the PIO (Powered Investigations Office) of the FBI in Baltimore, DC. The game began when the characters just emerged from Quantico, and continues to this date some 2 years later.

The game uses the Providence rule system. Player names are not used in this blog to try and protect their privacy; although I do hope they’ll comment.

Back issues (with many gaps) and GM handouts can be found in the FBI PIO Case Files on my website.

Each post for the FBI-PIO game will be labeled/tagged FBI-PIO to help players (and I suppose other readers) find the posts related to this game. When a case is complete, I’ll compile it and add it to the FBI PIO Case Files on my website.