I want to be eloquent.
To use words that not just inspire, but confound, confuse, and cause you to question.
To speak with such conviction that you nod in agreement, before you realize what you are doing.
But stop.
And then question both your action and the thoughts that followed it.

I want to be elegant.
To dress in styles not-quite in fashion, but recognizable from there.
To be polite without obsequiousness.
To be welcoming without fawning.
To be welcomed without faking.

I want to be graceful.
Nary a stumble, mis-step, mis-word or mis-deed done in place of what should be.
To float, rather than walk.
To dance, instead of run.
To know what to do and how to do it in every situation that presents itself.

I want to create art in everything I do.
To lay a table of food before you so good it makes you weep to see it destroyed, and laugh as you taste it.
To draw what I see and through it show you a point of view you’ve never understood before.
To write with such clarity that there is no misunderstandings between me and my critics.

I do not want to be judged.
But we are all judges and so we are all judged.
When you see me, you recognize me.
But remember that you do not know me.
And I.
I will try to remember that I do not know you either.