Inspired by this.

  • Food and water. OK – really bars with pb and/or chocolate, of if that’s not possible pb and apples, and tea (hot or cold).
  • Shelter. A sweater and a towel. The sweater for when it gets too cold, the towel for when it gets too hot. Eww. No. When I go into the bathroom and wash my face – I prefer the feel of a towel over paper. Bonus: wrap your near-frozen water bottle in the towel. Keeps the bottle’s sweat from damaging things in your bag and provides you with a cool (as in cold) towel as needed.
  • Empty bag. At least one for swag & purchases.
  • Wallet. With actual cash along side all the magical cards (with very limited magical abilities) that let me buy things I want so I can fill the empty bag (not really a goal, but some years it seems like one).
  • Medicines. The typical kinds that I need to keep relatively sane and mostly healthy. I’d rather add my camera to this list than medicines, but if I had to choose – most people would insist on the meds.