• Republican senator: “video games is a bigger problem than guns, because video games affect people” What? I’m sorry. I can’t have read that right. … no wait, I did. Still don’t understand. I’m not a US citizen but the second part of the quote  (“But the First Amendment limits what we can do about video games and the Second Amendment to the Constitution limits what we can do about guns.”) to me champions the better aspects of the US constitution. Since The First Amendment addresses the rights of freedom of religionfreedom of speechfreedom of the pressfreedom of assembly, and freedom of petition; I’m going to assume he meant the freedom of speech part. Video games aren’t quite a religion, aren’t considered part of the press, are the opposite (typically) of assembly and … petition-oriented just doesn’t fit.  The second amendment (right to keep and bear arms against the government) is the only amendment to state a purpose.  (Originating Article  is from Boing Boing by Rob Beschizza). BTW – US Constitution and their Bill of Rights  is fascinating stuff.
  • I fully admit Consumerist is an odd place to find the perfect Christmas present for … a friend, but this watch just might be the gift I need to give. It’s also a great example of how the powers of Reddit can be used for good (instead of you know, everyday evil). Great advice from  “Here’s a pro-tip, guys: If a project has a bunch of what look like stock photos from an online catalog, drag one into Google Image Search and see what pops up.”
  • Tales from the Con  from Evil Inc. by Guigar has some bad news about Emerald city comic-con. Seems their site’s been not just hacked, but wiped! Conventions rely heavily on pre-registrations; so they’re desperate to let the interested know that  you can still buy tickets here.
    The Emerald City Comicon site is down, but you can get updates at their Facebook page.
    Media interested in badges/celebrity interviews at Emerald City Comicon write Joe Parrington directly at joep(@ symbol) emeraldcitycomicon.com
  • Shame and guilt. I am, by my nature, very much against public shaming because I feel embarrassed whenever I see it (regardless whoever it is given too). Tobacco use has developed a new level of public shaming through law and society’s changes; should there be a similar movement against obesity? If so, you would be shaming me–and I’d probably become a recluse rather than deal with my problems. I have only anecdotal evidence for my opinions on this matter (namely me)–and I am getting help; but if I don’t like it and it’s never motivated me towards a positive outcome, I cannot condone its use.  That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist though. This is a topic for further exploration and discussion.