Another day, another list of oddities, irregularities and banalities I found interesting on the intertubes.

  • Turn any browser window into a text editor. I didn’t know you could do this. Naturally, I use web versions of WordPress and Evernote for such, but in a pinch this would be really handy. Is it ironic that I want to save this to Evernote?
    data:text/html, <html contenteditable>
  • Five security holes almost everyone is vulnerable to. I tend to follow the advice from such articles; and at least check my network settings against their recommendations. I also keep track of what I changed for about 2-6 months (again, put it in Evernote and tag it appropriately); so when I have to undo something (because something that use to work has now stopped) — I have the steps I need. Of course Slashdot has the scarier article. And so does Ars Techica.
  • New recipe added to Evernote: 3 layer hummus. Looks yummy.
  • Wow! Where I work. Want to see the workplaces of (some of) the Influencers in Linkedin? This is an interesting grouping of links – worth following to see the details and how they differ one from another.
  • More info about the flood in Montreal this week. The Montreal Gazette offers a nice (tiny) graphic showing more info about the water filtration system for downtown Montreal.