This is a repertoire of the interesting, the odd, and the things I want to remember. I promise neither order nor logic herein. Consider yourself warned.

  • I’d love to have the habit of a recipe journal like Orland Gough. I am always mesmerized by personal comments and stories around food. Orland Gough’s column on Toast shows a quirky sense of humour that I can admire while being amused. Having been shown the column, it is now part of my google reader news feed.
  • An email this morning reminded me that EN World has a kickstarter program. While I don’t frequent the site as much as I once did (not being interested in D&D since 3.5), I do still frequent the site and keep intending to buy a membership to show my support. Their products are good and often crafted with the GM stuck in a rut in mind. I must remember to fund the project, not just for the bennies, but because it’s a good sight and it deserves my support. Admittedly, I’m a bit torn as I really like Obsidian Portal; and have a few campaigns hosted there.  Their functionality is replicated by EN World.
  • It seems the flood is over. (Updated:2nd leak) I first saw pictures and video on facebook about this last night after coming home from the gym. Many were  criticizing the idea of trying to fix a water pipe in the depths of winter. Those people failed to realize the city only performs these tasks only when they must. While accidents happen, I am looking forward to hearing about the investigation which should follow this mistake.
  • Creamy Indian-spiced vegan sweet potato soup. Looks tasty. Added it to my recipe list. Since I already have the ingredients, this would be a good experiment (even if I do have to eat it for breakfast and lunch rather than dinner due to its starch content).
  • Pan-Roasted Halibut with Caper vinaigrette. Another interesting recipe with a simple vinaigrette. I like pan-roasting fish, especially when I can get a good sear on it.
  • Following the advice on this SE Talk thread, I googled “Chineses Steamed Fish” recipes; and I found one on Steamy Kitchen. It’s more of a guide than a specific recipe, but it seems easy enough. Guess I should finally get a bamboo steamer.
  • While I am usually all for increases in Canadian employment and sourcing, this Scientific American editorial  sums up my opinions on the Tar Sands quite susinctly.
  • This title caught my eye: One key to curing cancer: Interior decorating? I’ll definitely be reading that later.
  • I want to create a home journal. You know, someday. Soon.
  • Here’s another reason to support EN World. A post today (DND3E New Campaing -Help) pointed to this thread, which is, essentially – how to write your own campaign.