Food blogs and exercise trackers;  two things that help me lose weight. Also, two things I truly hate updating.

It had been my intention to post that information here (I’ve tried this before) rather than at the numerous other sites that lets me just pump in the numbers. I can  (typically) remember what I ate yesterday and maybe the day before; but never more than three days back in any level of detail. The same goes for the gym & health symptoms. Tracking anything over a period of months requires detailed notes. and reviewing the information from a hand-held book is painful (at best).

Gory details after the cut.


Stuffy nose (mild but loud cough). Otherwise normal.


7:24 am (10.4)  1 pc ww toast + natural pb; banana; tea
10am tea; chocolate donut
12:19pm (11.3) 1 cup hm black bean soup, 1 pc hm ww toast, 1 can diet coke
2pm 1 cup mixed raw veggies, tea
3:54pm (11.5) pre workout reading
5:58pm (5.7) 1/2 bottle of G2, 2c corn strings
7pm 2 1/2c gf pasta, 1/4 vodka rose sauce, 8 meatballs, 2 twizzlers, 8oz diet dr pepper
9pm 12oz  chocolate soy milk (skim, milk chocolate)

Gym (4pm-5:00pm)

3×15 seated leg press, 80 lbs
3×12 seated leg extensions, 25 lbs
3×12 seated leg curl, 35 lbs
30 min seated bike, level 2 (avg 60 w/m)