After watching this videoI went looking for console emulators. While I still have my (borrowed) Sega Genesis and old Colico vision; I rarely plug them in any more. I still love the games, but am often too lazy to try and get them to work with my TV.
Cabling & lighting video for the cabinet: Suggest using plastic grommets over the holes to run the wiring on the back. Definitely need a Belkin surge protector (special for wall worts that get extra warm).
Cabinet part 3 (video-swithcing portion)Atlona video switchers. Don’t think they can be shipped to Canada. Sigh.
How to play old school console games on your computerThe article describes how to find and run an emulator, then seek out and load a ROM (a game). While not for everyone, this might be the perfect game solution for a laggy laptop with limited ram and graphics. Besides, how else are you going to replay the games that you could never beat as a kid. Golden axe here I come!  Oooh. They have Gauntlet too. CoolRom is mentioned in the article above and it is indeed a great index of available ROMs.