• Book Indexing part 1. Is the computer the right tool for the job. Link taken from the CopyEditing-L posting. An interesting article, and one that made me subscribe to the Linga Franca RSS feed. This first article covers the basics (the difference between a concordance and an index). I’ve never written a full index; instead, due to time constraints, I’m often limited to editing a concordance to make it more “index like”.  The article makes me wonder if I could.
  • How to reclaim space in GMail. This is something I should probably do on a regular basis. I use IMAP with GMail; but even so – my online repository could be slimmed down consderably. I’m starting to think I should keep a list of various electronic “spring cleaning” tasks like the security tasks I’ve tagged for doing later (like updating facebook security settings, cleaning out my Google cache, …)
  • Photography’s Three Basic Tenets in Eight Bits and Nine Minutes. A video (9m42s – hosted on Vimeo, found on Gizmodo) that might just help improve my photography.  Must remember to watch this sometime soon(ish).
  • How to join the dark side. A link to an article that includes a link that eventually takes you to the steps a willing costumer took to join the 501st legion. There is, surprisingly a jawa group (ok Tusken Raiders and Jawas group); as well as a costume maker’s (rough) guide.