Hi gang.

A few folk checked in on Monday to see where my weekly menu was; sorry I’m posting it late.

The goal this week was to get myself to the gym each night; so the meals for the week are simple and rely heavily on the barbecue. That way I can fix and serve a relatively healthy meal in 30 minutes or less.

Day B L D S
Saturday  Out None Hamburgers, all dressed, tea  Popcorn, baked goods
Sunday Omelet, toast, cheese, tea Tinned beans in tomato sauce, diet soda Fish sticks & ravioli in tomato sauce, tea Popcorn chips
Monday Groat porridge, 1 pc toast & pb, tea Leftovers, greek yogurt, diet coke Fish sticks, baked potato wedges, salad with vinaigrette Apples, crackers & cheese, celery & bell pepper & pb/hummos,
Tuesday BBQ chicken breasts, salad with ranch dressing, pudding
Wednesday Marinated steak, baked potatoes, salad & ranch dressing or thousand island, frozen popsicle
Thursday Cheeseburgers, all dressed, jello
Friday Chicken and rice casserole, baked pumpkin slices, popcorn, pumpkin pie