I’m once again trying to empty my fridge before refilling it. I’ve got a ton of grains that I should be getting through; but grains can take time to cook.

B: Steel cut oatmeal with apples & cinnamon; cornmeal muffins; oatmeal muffins
S: Greek yogurt with jam, crackers & cheese

Monday (holiday)
D: Spaghetti with Vodka rose and turkey meatballs
L: Grilled cheese sandwich & pea soup

D: Tilapia fish sticks, rice and salad
L: Rice, chicken & sauce, veggies

D: BBQ chicken breasts, salad, quinoa
L: Toast, cheese & chicken soup

D: Steak sandwiches
L: Chicken pot pie, veggies

Friday (guests?)
D:  Martedi over polenta
L:  Chicken & sauce, rice, veggies