Last night I got myself an exercise program at the Y. I went in to the gym with big plans of what I’d ask for (core workouts, not individual exercises, focusing on bars not machines) and ended up going with what was offered.

I’m back to a three-day workout that involves muscle-isolating exercises focusing primary on the larger muscles of the body mixed with 30 minutes of cardio per session. I’m to follow this routine for six weeks, then the gym will call me to schedule a check-up appointment. I wanted a plan, something I could follow each visit that would allow me to measure my activities and my improvements over time. And that’s what I got. The instructor was very clear on form and technique (my form and pacing is excellent, but I need to work on my breathing), but frankly a lot of the machines I’m using I’ve used many times before. Different gyms, different instructors – similar workouts.

The interesting thing was that the trainer mentioned he was a diabetic on pills (a type-II diabetic I’m guessing). His diabetes was under control because he worked out frequently. He was very fit. We spoke a bit about the disease, and I hope I convinced him I understood my condition (diabetic out-of-control seeking to become healthy). He was focused on me losing weight through aerobic exercise and then muscle-building to replace the fat I lose. I was focused on figuring out how much weight would be a strain to work through; and proved again that I have weak arms and shoulders, a strong back and very strong legs and thighs.

Unfortunately, I’m supposed to keep the plan at the gym. This might make it a bit difficult to track my progress on my blog — but I shall see what I can do. When I go on Thursday, I shall have to take notes and weigh myself.

Monday, October 3rd, 2011. Time in gym: 45 minutes

  • 30 mins low-rider bike (cross-country program, resistance 10 max).
  • Bench press. 2 sets 15, raw bar.
  • Pull-down machine. 3 sets 15, 45 lbs.
  • Cable-machine triceps pull-down. 3 sets 15, 25 lbs.
  • Cable-machine biceps curl. 3 sets 15, 25 lbs.
  • Mat stretching. 5 minutes.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011. Time in gym: 1h15m

  • Session with an instructor.