I picked up my CSA basket on Friday, and realized that my 12-week order is coming to a close.

I’m deliberating whether to order another one, or go without.

Pro Con
  • Great taste
  • Learning to cook with what I have on hand
  • Discovered new things I love (sage, bok choy, salad greens)
  • Lots of fresh herbs
  • Expensive ($22 /wk for the smallest basket)
  • Too much in their smallest basket for us to eat (6 to 6.5 pounds of fresh vegetables)
  • Can’t replace what I don’t like (Eggplant)
  • Still have to buy things to fill-in the gaps (potatoes, onions, garlic, occasionally salad, …)

The weekend wasn’t as hectic as I thought it would be; but it was hot. This lead to us eating out rather than in as, by the time we were home and it was time to eat — neither of us had the inclination to cook. It’s an old problem come back to haunt us.

This week Organizing Junkie points to 30-meals system. The concept (explained over several posts) is to organize 30-meals into a binder and cook mostly from that. I guess it’s something I usually do; but I’ve not tracked the meals. So now I’ve started. Meals with a * beside them denote something I cook often (and not just repeat in my menu because I forgot to cook it last week). I have a great recipe binder (a Christmas gift from a friend), a terrific recipe book (once full, destined as a gift to a friend), and of-course, my springpad. So there’s lots of ways for me to capture my favorite recipes; but I suspect I’ve got 30-meals (or more) by season. I don’t tend to make casseroles or slow braises in the summer; nor do I plan meals around salads in winter.

Menu July 9th, 2011

9, Saturday Dinner: out
10, Sunday Dinner: out
11, Monday
Lunch: Turkey sandwich, fruit, yogurt, soda.
Dinner: Southwestern Steak, corn and black bean wraps*; mixed green salad with cheese
TO DO: Marinade the chicken thighs; make potato salad (for Tuesday)
TO DO: Make Banana oatmeal muffins (breakfasts for the week)
TO DO: Make Quinona salad (lunches for the week)
12, Tuesday
Dinner: Marinaded chicken thighs BBQ* with slaw & potato salad
TO DO: Take out hamburger to thaw for Wednesday and Thursday)
TO DO: Make pie crust (for Thursday)
13, Wednesday
Dinner: Taco salad (2 bags; save leftovers for pizza)
TO DO: Make pizza dough & Super-delux pizza sauce for Thursday.
14, Thursday
Dinner: Homemade pizza, topped to order, raspberry & apple pie
EVENT: Friends over
TO DO: Take out hamburger to thaw for Friday.
15, Friday
Dinner: Cheeseburgers*, All dressed