Never fails. Every game I play, I manage to find something that’s broken. This time it’s Pathfinder-related.

1. Sorcerers are not considered a favored class of gnomes (a highly magical race).
2. Pathfinder does not allow a favored class to be a prestige class.
3. There is no obvious way for a Monk throw an opponent (leaving them prone) and do damage to them (or at least stun them) in a single attack.

1. Allow gnomes to take sorcerer as their favorite class (and thus get the extra spell slot/level). This contradicts the specification in the APG, but I prefer the Core idea that each player can choose their favorite class.
2. In my game a prestige class can indeed be a favored class.
3. Great Throw (from d20 Oriental Adventures) should be the solution. Its description is in the Oriental Adventures errata (ZIP).