Date: August 26, 2010
Game Date:  October 7, 2032

Everyone heads to the school in groups of two. Mike says the child is evil, and E- confirms what Shannon saw.

Regina, wearing a sky-colored sari, takes to the air to watch the child of interest during the school lunch break.

After much discussion, Sam gets the sheriff to walk by the school and identify the child as Joanna Pouchio. We learn that her father died when she was 2. Last summer her brother (a popular boy named Carl) died at the local swimming hole. It was assumed to be accidental death by drowning and so no autopsy was performed. The mother, Shirley, works at the school as a cook and grounds-keeper. They live some 10 houses down from the school, relatively near the edge of town.

We are left with a ton of questions.

– How many other drownings have there been in that swimming hole and over what time frame.

– Are there other animal blightings occurring outside this town’s jurisdiction?

– How, exactly, did father Poucchio die?

We need to talk to the sheriff to get more answers. We also divide the night into shifts of two with Mike standing as agent-on-call throughout all the shifts. Shannon has some barrettes she can cast magic into – granting us protection and possibly night vision. E- can cast a spell that will let us see heat. We start planning the night shift, intent on watching JoAnna over the next few nights to see if we can catch her red handed.