Date: June 29, 2010
Game Date:  October 6, 2032

We had dinner at the hotel. While there we garnered attention from two guys at the bar. Sam learned they were “Female Body Inspectors” – head agents here in town. Tom Renolds and Joey are both local boys. There was a lively discussion as to how they could be “pressed” into service.

Game Date: October 7, 2032

Up early and at practice.

Markus and Regina visited the local doctor, Doctor Richard England. He promised to send over what birth records he had for the town, but said it would be easier for him to work from the town’s census report and fill in the blanks. He knows of only one person in town with abilities: the individual can make small objects a little bit colder. Otherwise there seems to be no powered inviduals here.

Sam and Shannon visited the local Methodist church to meet Father Hathor. He said his congregation included about 80 regulars. He might see 200 souls at Christmas. There are other churches in Harpers Ferry, and a few smaller congregations hold meetings in nearby homes are barns. He knows of a Baptist and a Lutherin group. The newest folk in town are Mr and Mrs Wahlroos. They have two children – a 4 1/2 and a 6mo old.

After lunch, Sam and Shannon visit the principal’s office at the school. They introduce themselves and warn the principal that they are in town and that they are looking into the strange animal deaths in the area. It’s assumed kids and parents will have questions, so the agents are trying to head this off. The principal is appreciative, but doesn’t really know of anyone who might do such a thing.

On the way out Shannon catches view of a young woman with a powerful signature. Shannon steps back to get a second look and inadvertently gets the whole classes attengion.

Markus visited the post office in an attempt to get a map of the region. The general store’s clerk also works at the post office. Maps are scarce and hard to come by.

We meet up back at the hotel and start to chat about what we’ve found out.