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After a rough day at work, and forgetting to take out the hamburger in time for it to thaw, I skipped a night.

The next day I cooked up a batch of All-day boston baked beans and then made up homemade pizza using 1/2 the hamburger meat that I had initially taken out for the previous night’s dinner. When I came home, the beans were still invisible beneath a sheen of water & spices. In the end, I ended up ladeling out the beans into a bowl for storage and throwing out 1/2 the liquid that remained. In retrospect, I probably should have boiled down the liquid and added it to the beans; to create that oh-so-wonderful sauce that always accompanies boston-baked beans. I know I should have cooked the bacon before throwing it in the crock-pot, regardless of what the recipe claims. It would have better brought out the flavour of the bacon in the beans.

So both recipes now reside in my fridge. All I have to do is put the chili together and let it bake for a day in the crock-pot.

Dinner tonight, the homemade pizza, was pretty good. The dough wasn’t quite to my liking; but that could be as much practice as it is the recipe. I shall have to try another recipe for pizza dough next time.

The ingredients for the chili sat in my fridge for the weekend. Each day that I opened my fridge, I saw them. And yet there they remained.

Friday I was running late for work. And that night I went out with a friend.

Saturday, there were more chores to be done than hours in the day.

Sunday, I had guests over — and so had to clean the house before they arrived, and collapsed after they left.

Monday, I had the dentist in the morning, more chores (stuff we didn’t get done on Saturday), and then … I played Mass Effect until past my bedtime.

Today, up on time and didn’t think about the chili until I was going over my menu for the week… and remembered that I’d not made it yet.

So, tonight — I shall make chili.

Maybe I should re-title this set of posts to “It takes me a long time to make chili”.