Day 2. BBQ sausages

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I’m not really sure this dinner needs a recipe, and that’s pretty much why I like to make it.

Buy nine good italian sausages from a reputable butcher that makes his own sausage. Cut the links apart and make certain each sausage casing has a break in it (somewhere). If it doesn’t — add one. This stops your sausage from ballooning as it cooks. Cook them on a hot barbecue, no additional oil required. While they’re cooking cut up and wash some romaine, spinach, a small cucumber, and two or three radishes (in cubes).  Dry well, and add a handful of feta cheese and some creamy greek dressing — or make your own. Check the sausages periodically, flipping them when they start to firm up. If you see smoke, go out and turn down the flame. They’re done when they feel hard.

Serve two sausages per person (with some yellow mustard) and some salad; reserve the rest in the fridge for the chili.

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