Part 4.

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Saturday morning the two tables and eight chairs arrived promptly at 9am. The front stairs leading to the door of my apartment looked like a bomb had blown up atop them. The surface concrete, support walls and guide rails were all gone. A team of 5 men had been bent on their destruction since Thursday, and had done a great job of reducing 7 concrete stairs and a landing to a slope with occasional toe holds and (just that day) a 4′ hole all around the edge of the stairs. Even the walkway from the street had been removed.

The delivery men from Breau & Martineau were absolute Aces. They double-parked the truck between the workers flatbed and their van. They scoffed at my offering to use the back door, and brought everything up licketty-split. One table and its chairs went into the kitchen, while the other was moved into the freshly-prepared office. I had to hurry and move the various cords out of their way.

We’d been warned that they wouldn’t be taking off their shoes, but with my steam cleaner at the ready — I was prepared. Surprisingly very little mud was tracked in (it hadn’t started to rain…yet). Once we agreed everything was there, and the tables were at least the right size and color, I gave them each some cold ice tea and a tip.  They left smiling, so I think I got it right.

That morning had already been a whirlwind of activity. We’d unpacked, cleaned, and prepared the office for the chair’s arrival. My SO was aces at putting things together; still the process took him 6 hours (with my help). I was on clean-up duty. I gathered and separated all the cardboard from the styrofoam and plastic; bagging it for the eventual eco-center run.

That night we were both too pooped to do much. We made an effort to go out for dinner to our favorite Italian restaurant (Vinnie Gambini’s); but conversation was strained and both of us were having trouble keeping our eyes open. We should have gone to my friend’s party; but just the idea of socializing made us more and more drowsy.

The next morning we were up early again. We went to the eco-center to drop off the Honda-load of plastic, paper and styrofoam. Then off to do some shopping for table cloths (Sears), and other stuff for the apartment. We didn’t get all the running around done, but we were back at home in time to clean the floors of the paper and plastic dust, do the dishes, and put the tablecloths on the tables.

Friends started to arrive around 1pm. No one took me up on using the back gallery to get into the house and instead, everyone braved the muddy front walk and ramp/stairs. There were oohs and awws as people inspected the “new” place. The few who had helped me move had last seen the office as a pile of miscellaneous boxes and the front-room as a storage of wall-to-wall furniture with almost narry a place to sit. Now the front-room is a nice TV room and the office is our gaming room, with the walls lined with bookshelves, the computer desk against the entry wall, and a nice new table and chairs with a bright red tablecloth in the center.

Fortunately the day was fairly cool with good breezes. But we had fans at the ready just in case. People were very polite in ignoring the dump room (our second bedroom) and dodging the shelving units in the hall (that don’t fit and are wider than the carpet we’d recently laid down).

All in all, a happy-ish conclusion. The only thing that would have made it better was our being able to attend the party. Then again, snoring is rarely appreciated at these things. 😀

Read the previous parts here: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3