Date: July 17th, 2010
Game Date: October 6, 2032

The Grayson farm is the furthest east from town. It’s a small, family farm that raises mostly sheep and performs a bit of subsistence farming. Mr Grayson, his wife Helen, and his two children: Joanna (9) and Paul (12) live and work at the farm. It is the children’s responsibility to let the animals out of the barn in the morning, and see to it that they have water. Throughout the day the children act as shepherds to the flock. The land has been in Mr. Grayson’s family for 7 generations; having been carved out of the trees some time ago. Neither he, nor his family, could think of anyone who had a grudge against them, or a reason to attack their flock.

On the night of the incident (September 30th), the Graysons saw nothing amiss. Around 1am they heard the dogs yapping, but it did not raise their alarm. They agreed that the dogs sounded like they were playing more than anything else. The next morning the children discovered the animal dead. Their father, having heard of previous incidents of healthy animals dying without exterior visible cause, brought the animal to the local vet.  She called him back the next day to admit that she had no idea what caused the death. Theirs was the 4th animal to die.

We spoke with each family member, and none could offer further information; each telling similar variants to this tale. Mr Grayson took us to the spot where the animal died. A detailed search of the area turned up a single silver hair-pin with a flat top. It was found 15′ from the treeline, about 55′ from the site of the incident. None of the family claimed its ownership or could name its owner. We bagged it for evidence.

The next farm (some miles way) belonged to Mr. Dickerson. It is a much bigger spread, with several different types of animals (pigs, sheep, goats and cows), numerous dogs, and farmhands about.  A farmhand stopped us as we approached the house and then went to inform Mr. Dickerson of our arrival. We were met and ushered into the house. Mr. Dickerson is in his 50s and in good health. His story was similar to that told by Mr. Grayson; there was nothing amiss the night before and in the morning the animal was found dead inside the outside pen, where the flock was kept. The dogs at this farm are quite … twitchy.

We were brought to the site of the incident, and spent time examining the area. The pen itself is 70′ square. The animal died about 10′ in from the edge. The nearest treeline or cover is some 120′ away. While nothing physical was discovered, Shannon and Markus mused that the assailant would either be a very powerful and accurate marksman, or using magic to make the dogs like them. The assailant may even have made themselves invisible to be better able to approach their chosen victim.

We said our goodbyes and went back to town. We found Mike in the hotel. Regina and XX had gone off to talk to the vet. With neither team having found sufficient evidence, we are still guessing and have neither means nor motive for the events. We began planning our next move: a way in which the entire town population could be scanned for magical or shard capacity.