Date: June 17th, 2010
Game Date:  October 6, 2032

We spent a quiet night in the local hotel near the highway.

Up with the dawn, Markus, Mike, and I worked out while the others slept. By the time we came back to the hotel, Shannon, Regina and XX were up and heading out to practice. Over breakfast, we made plans.

We would all go to the sheriff’s office and see if another event had been reported through the night. If it had not, Markus, Shannon and I would visit the veterinarian, then start visiting the farms where the incidents took place. The others would start visiting the farms right away, working their way towards the Dickerson’s farm (north of town). We’d meet up back in town by mid-to-late afternoon.

A quick visit to the Sheriff’s office proved nothing had been reported through the night, so we split up.

The Veterinary was the one who reported the incidents to the police. She could not discern the cause behind the injuries that caused the animals death. With her help we reviewed the corpses of the four beasts she had present (2 goats, a sheep, and parts of a cow). In all cases, blighting of the heart and part of the lungs was present. In one case (a sheep) the spleen and liver were also affected, but not as severely. An animal born with an unnaturally shrunken and decrepit heart would not have survived to maturity.  There is no discernible evidence that this was caused by a wound or touch exterior to the body.

Preliminary toxicology tests came back negative for known diseases or virus, but perhaps more important, the local vet had never seen or heard of anything like it. I found it reminiscent of the wounds caused by the blight crow; but without an exterior path. The animals otherwise appeared to be in good health.

It took some time to review all the animals. The cow had been divided to better fit in the vet’s freezers, but there was no damage to the skull or hindquarters, except where the divisions took place.