Part 3.

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Thursday night, I get a call. The front stairs are to be demolished and resurfaced later this week. The demolition begins on Thursday, and the company is to pour fresh concrete on Monday. Great.

I am happy to learn that we should have access to our apartment throughout the process. We had been originally warned that access might become impossible; and we’d thus have to access our apartment via the back gallery. Doable, but with only one slight problem — the back gallery entrance cannot be unlocked from the outside. The notion of taking another week off work, while appealing, was not a financially sound idea. Between the neighbours and the landlord, however, we thought we could work out a schedule to assure that someone would always be home to watch access to the apartments. Fortunately, none of that is now necessary.

So last night I had friends over. I told them the tale of a table for two, and the hiccup dawned on me then. To be fair, my SO had warned me about this in the recent past; but it had never sunk in. With the stairs demolished, would that cause problems with the delivery of the table and chairs?

Last night, after one day of demolition, the stairs are still there. The entrance balcony is a thin shelf of concrete, still held up by its braces and the stairs themselves. It is not a flat surface, but you can walk on it with only slight difficulty. I have no idea what it will look like when we come home tomorrow. If we don’t think its passable then, we’ll call to cancel the delivery and reschedule it. There really isn’t much else we can do.

Canceling the delivery would be a shame, for Sunday is my first ROTRL game since the move; and I’ve been looking forward to it. I was hoping to have it in the (somewhat ready) office with the table set up. Last night, in partial preparation for the game on Sunday, I finally got around to steam-cleaning the front room’s floor, and playing towers of Hanoi to put the rug in place.  I know completely understand the SO’s complaint about the rug blocking so much of the hall. With the rug in place, the hall seems huge! I’m quite sure we’ll move the furniture in the front room around again, but for now it’s a functional (if tight) layout.

Friday evening I’m to go back to Canadian tire to buy yet more stuff. Some of it (light and plug plates) I’ve known I’ve needed for a while. Other stuff (carpet cleaner, curtain tie-backs, needle and thread, screws…) are more recent discoveries.We are also going to buy the smallest, cheapest, gas barbecue we can find. Smallest because our back gallery is very narrow. Cheapest because we’re quickly running out of the moving budget. In addition, our last barbecue had a side burner. I think I might have used it once in the 10 years we had the barbecue. And gas because I’m finicky about such things.

Hopefully, by the time we get back to the apartment the stairs will still be somewhat passable and the demolition will have stopped for the day. It’s not very relaxing to have two jackhammers operating just below your window; although the SO was able to sleep through the last hour of the work crew’s day without much problem.

I guess now I just have to wait and see.

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