Part 2 .

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So, late last week, we visited Breau & Martineau and purchased two tables with a total of 8 chairs. Our requirements were reasonable: that the tables fit well in the spaces provided, that the chairs were sturdy, and that the finishes were dark (or at least not pale and bleached) wood and with little or no ornamentation.

When we first visited, we’d measured tables and I’d taken note. I crudely drew the shape of the table, noted the number of chairs around it, its name and its identification number. I did not measure the tables, as I had left my measuring tape at home that day.

Before our second visit, we re-measured the rooms in which we wanted the tables. We were careful to measure the section of the room (say between the bookshelf and the window ledge in the office, or the counter edge to the wall in the kitchen). Once at the store we measured the tables and added about a foot per side (for the chair and its occupant). At the time it seemed excessive, even to us; but we did it anyways as neither of us were certain that the tables we were looking at would fit the available spaces.

The kitchen table is a small 4-seat square table with two wings that can descend, and no center pedestal. The office table is a medium-sized 6-seat rectangle table without a leaf. Unfortunately neither table is depicted on their website, so I can’t point to pictures.

We were fortunate with our second visit, in that we came back before the sale ended; and so got deals on both tables. They are due to be delivered this Saturday. So we have from now until then to finish organizing the office and preparing for their arrival.

Organizing the apartment, never mind just the office, has been quite the trial. When the move ended (if you remember): the office and spare bedroom were filled with boxes, and the front room filled with furniture. The master bedroom and kitchen were mostly laid out.

Within a few days we’d sorted all the furniture to its proper room (if not its proper place). The boxes in the office got stacked neatly under the window and in the closet. We’ll deal with them once the shelves are in place. It took a while, but we eventually remembered to buy shims from Rona. The last time we tried, the shims came in a pallet that took 5 years and lots of generous donations to get rid of. This time we bought only a handful. The pallet is still available, and still cheap, in case you’re interested.

The kitchen was the first room I unpacked. Then I set up the bathroom. Cleaning occured sporadically through the first week and into the second.  In all the reviews regarding the Shark steam cleaner, they fail to mention that using the Shark for 20-30 minutes will raise the temperature in the room by roughly 10 degrees. That’s not too bad if it’s a cool day; but I refuse to even touch the Shark steam cleaner on days that the temperature tops 32 degrees+.  This fact has, unfortunately, slowed me down in cleaning the apartment. The floors have been dust mopped and swept several times; but only the kitchen, baths and master bedroom have been properly cleaned. And, quite frankly, they could be done again.

The hall is half-way filled with a rolled-up carpet. The carpet’s not yet been laid because I need to steam clean the front room first. I’ve not yet done that due to time and heat issues; but it is quickly becoming a priority.

The second bedroom, our dump-room, needs to be organized again. I’m still missing things for the kitchen and my  headset; and I suspect both are in that room…somewhere. While this is a lower priority than the front room, or the office, it is something of which I am reminded each time I go past the room. Maybe I should just close that door…

Last Saturday found us changing the frame and adding a headboard to the master bed. We purchased both items while shopping for the tables. It wasn’t easy — but once in place the sturdier frame and the headboard have both combined to make a much nicer bed. We’ve found we’re using less pillows with the headboard in place, and the bed seems to move around and creek a lot less with the new frame.

There’s always something not quite done (hanging curtains, for example, or putting back the light/plug wall plates), some piece we have to go buy (the plastic-topped screw for a light cover), or some extra thing to contact the landlord about. It seems endless.

I keep weekly lists. They, much like this blog posting, are long and rambling. Every week I check-off what we’ve managed to accomplish, and circle anything outstanding. The outstanding items get copied to the next list and the process repeats. Eventually, I hope, the lists will be back to dealing with projects outside the home rather than just tasks and chores to fill the weekends and occasional week-nights.

On Monday, the landlord had folk in to measure the kitchen. The cabinets are being redone. I have no idea when all of this is going to start — or how long it will take. So maybe my long rambling lists about house-hold chores will be around for a while yet.

Read the other  parts here: Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4