I’m running late with my menu this week. The apartment is slowly coming together. We barely touched a box over the weekend; instead we spent it shopping for odd things that the apartment needed, dealing with minor repairs, and cleaning. Lots and lots of cleaning. The menu this week is designed for hot weather and leftovers.

Sunday, July 11 – Cold chicken, mixed green salad with greek feta dressing

Made with a cold-roast chicken purchased from the deli, this meal comes together about as fast as it takes to debone a chicken, and make a mixed green salad (romaine, spinach, some diced cucumbers and radishes). The dressing comes from Kraft’s extra virgin line, and is quite tasty.

Monday, July 12 – Dinner out.

I had other plans, but it was too hot to eat. So we went to Amir’s for dinner.

Tuesday, July 13 – Soft-shelled tacos and bean salad

A family classic in my house. The soft shelled tacos are made with beef and homemade taco seasoning.  Bean salad is a mixed green salad with a few tablespoons of romano beans, dressed with a homemade olive oil & red wine vinagrette.

Wednesday, July 14 – Chicken Provencal with buttered Basmati rice and vegetables

For the rice: cook according to package directions, adding 1 pat of butter and 1/2 to 1 cup of small vegetables to the raw rice.

Thursday, July 15 – Takeout

With people coming over, this seemed safest; although if I do cook – it will probably be chicken fried rice.

Friday, July 16 – Minute steak and bean salad.