So, after a week or so of asking for ideas, one player out of six has offered up suggestions. I’m forced to assume that the others are too busy, not interested, and/or have no ideas. So our second meeting will be to make characters, and figure out where they come from and why they are together. These three ideas are pivotal to my campaign. Without knowing the answers, I’m finding it nearly impossible to organize much of anything. My campaign binder is mostly empty.

I still have some lists to finalize and print out, and a bit of organization to figure out.
For example, my kitchen table will barely fit 6 people, and I have 6 players in the game. Which means we have to play in the living room. This would be fine except one player brings her younger daughter which expects to watch her DVDs on the big TV to amuse herself. The office is not kid-friendly. I could set up my laptop in the bedroom so she can play and watch TV in there; but that means being forced to use only paper during the game.