Part 1.

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During the move a leg got ripped off our kitchen table. The table was old, purchased from a friend just before he shipped out ages and ages ago. It has four matching chairs; three of which are safe to sit on. The top was pitted, scratched and a bit stained. It was metal and melamine, very 60s in appearance, and really not my style. But it was cheap, and served us for a good long time.

Repairing the table would be difficult at best.  The underside is a cheap melamine, and the legs had already been reattached at least once using screws and staples. So we tossed it the night we moved in. The orphaned leg followed the next day (once we found it).

That weekend, we went shopping. We looked at a lot of different styles of tables and chairs. And we left scratching our head. We bought an ottoman for the hallway, curtain rods & curtains — but no tables.

In our small kitchen, we really only need a table for 2-3 people. My occasional feeding of gamers or multiple friends needs at table for at least 4. I’d prefer a table for 8; but we definitely do not have room for that. We do have room in the office though, and a table for 8 would be great as a gaming table.

But do we need to buy a dining room table just to game on (and occasionally eat atop)? Or can we get away with something from Ikea or some kind of craft table (which would be cheaper, and more customizable, possibly lighter too)…assuming it will fit in the car.

So tonight, after much thought, I’m going to go home, discuss it some more, do some more measuring and maybe … maybe … plan to go back to the store again this weekend.

Read the following parts here: Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4