The game world has changed since I was last here. It’s now set in Golorion, the Pathfinder campaign setting. The change has meant a ton of work for me — mostly in learning a new background as well as a new system. A daunting amount of work has been done. I have maps (mostly too small to use with character icons), mostly completed characters, and ideas on how to scale the adventure to a group of six.

There’s still so very much to do. I got a lot of information, maps, and ideas from the Paizo message boards. Players of this game: please, don’t read anything relating to the Rise of the Runelords adventure path without checking with me first. Anyone else thinking of running this adventure path – start with the Paizo message boards. The amount of community-created stuff available for use and download is truly amazing.

Pathfinder links

Binder downloads

  • ShadowWorld. Downloads of item cards, monster info cards, and a great calendar. It also has a lot of really good images from Rise of the RuneLords: Burnt Offerings.
  • Epic Tale’s links to RPG map tiles. A good collection of mapping bits.
  • Flickr photo set. Here’s the biggest collection of images from Rise of the RuneLords, but there are others on Flickr too.
  • Community created stuff. This includes maps, creature counters, lists and so much more. This list of stuff gave me lots more time to read.

Things I should have done.

  • Print out the encounter maps in a scale I can use on the table for combat.
  • Found more item cards.