Sigil. Session LIII
Saturday, 15 August, 2009
7th day of Unity, State of Order, Day of Humility/Night of Pride, YFHR 128

We start opening books.
Notes on magic (open on the table)
Behvaiour of Beholders and Beholderkin – black cover with brass clips. Found a plaque.
Planewakers of the Realms
Behavior of Insects Vol I, II and III – makes Zoe hungry.
Giants and Giant king. A Sphinx came out.

It poses Zoe a riddle.
Your pray I become once I’m heard
but seize am I with but a word
I live only as I am sought
but cease to be if I am caught
So hunt me now with your mind’s eye
And tell me please, oh what am I

The answer is : you are a riddle.

The Sphinx gives zoe the control book and disappears.
Chryseis puts the put together.
Eki feels very good when the book is in his possession.
Chryseis tries to put the book in order, but the rooms don’t move. After much puzzling, Eki realizes that by touching the arrows along the edges he can control the way the rooms shift. It takes a long time before we get the rooms in the right order. Chryseis and Djkek’nalarr solve it. Once the rooms are in the right order, the 16th room comes back into being. It’s the portal room.

we step through the portal and there are clouds and fog banks. No sun or stars, just a roiling sky. The floor is stone and dirty. Thick shards of earth fall through a purlescant sky.

The place is very foggy and insubstantial. It seems as if the place is both magical and physical combined. Zoe says her dreamscape of the forest is this place, and she no longer sees the world as the duality to which she is accustomed.

The double doors of a small temple open, and two grey men launch an attack on Linni as Eki just walks past. Eki guesses that we’re on the ethereal plane (the gray void). It might be a demi plane. The Grey Men say “She has the reflections” and calls her Harbringer. They then draw weaposn from tehir arms and engage.