Sigil. Session LII
Saturday, 4 July, 2009
6th day of Unity, State of Order, Day of Kindness, YFHR 128

We make a plan of attack, believing the plants in the plant room have recovered from our previous incursion. Eki, Linni and Zoe take turns throwing jars into the room. The plant attacks Eki with a mustard dust. A different plant attacks and Shaglin and Toggle are charmed. Eki too. The battle descends into chaos as we try to save our friends and destroy the plants.

After a long combat, we prevail and free our friends.
We spend the better part of an hour searching through the burned rubble of the room, but we find nothing. After that, we take our time and clean ourselves up.

We enter the lounge. There are 2 books on the table that have magical auras:
The history of halfling horticulture and Mercenary and Guard corner. Chryseis dispels the auras and pockets the books.

Other books in the room:
Rise and fall of the Illithid Empire I, II and III
The Elemental plane – Ouroboros attacks!

After the combat, Chryseis gathers more components (teeth and hide). Nothing in the book.

We continue searching.

The reading room has a glowing ceiling. The bookshelves hold 27 numbered volumes. There are 11 books on the table (3 opened and 8 closed). 2 books are magical (abjuration).