Sigil. Session L
Saturday, 20 June, 2009
6th day of Unity, State of Order, Day of Kindness, YFHR 128

Chryseis heals Eki and Shagglin, who was also injured.

We go through the south door. Djkek’nalarr and Chryseis talk. The Hellenic guards seem fustrated and sheepish. We get a rush of fresh air as we open teh door. The room looks like a small island in a floating sea. Chryseis, Eki, and Linni hack their way in. The room as 5 large 10′ wide clay pots, overgrown with threes and plants. Chryseis gets hit by a bloom of pollen. She deviates her path and climbs willingly into a pot. A big plant grapples her.

We fight the plants and eventually manage to free Chryseis, but not before a second plant joins into the fray. Once freed, we return to the bedrooms where we tend to Chryseis and our injured. Once cleaned off, she heals herself. She holds a mass, and we clean up and rest. That night Chryseis reads the book of Hephaestus.

7th day of Unity, State of Order, YFHR 128
We find a storage room with candles, and library paraphernalia. Zoe takes a magnifying glass. There are three books in the south-east corner.

Invoices and Inventory – find another plack.
Library Supplies – nada
Book keeping – nada

The next room is well lit and has a big table with 13 chairs. Chrystal spheres on silver tripods light the room. There is one chair upended with drops of blood on the cushion. There are 31 books in the room. One book resonates magic — it is called the Network of the Known planes. We move it to the other side of the room.

The other books include:
a 27 set of encyclopedia
Sagillium Sac
Elemental Engineering – contains a plaque, is trapped and 3 formians form.
Everlasting Elves of Evandor

We fight the formians. They are most interested in the one who opened the book. Chryseis and Linni take alchemical ingredients from the formians.