Sigil. Session XXXXVIII
Saturday, April 18th, 2008
4th day, 4th rule, State of Charity YFHR 128
Day of Unity

Light drizzle.
Shopping for supplies. Sent Hyzik a note.
Waiting in the portico of the temple when a 1/2 aphasian bald man stops by. He was carrying Hyzik. We chat and spend some time together.

Night of sloth.
Storms and lightning.

5th day, 4th rule, State of Charity YFHR 128
Day of Forgiveness

Eki takes Hyzik to the Ubiquitous Wayfarer then sends an astral seeker to the Factol, asking for a visit. The factol is indisposed, but Patroclus has been authorized to deal with our requests. We meet him in the guard lounge on the factory floor of the Great Foundry and make our requests.

Eki visits Fell.

6th day, 4th rule, State of Charity YFHR 128
Patroclus arrives in Cross Guard with your supplies. We go to the Keg and Cask to talk. Patroclus gives us an unsigned letter that warns us that two godsmen have died and another two have gone missing. Warns us to take care.

We go to talk to Hyzik and give him the bad news – we cannot tell him the full tale. Back to the Athenium and pray. There we find a brace of virgin guards heading out on patrol. We take our mirror and go to find the best place to catch the reflection of the Gate house. Chryseis brings along the brace to make certain our mirror returns home safely.

We step through the portal and arrive in Harbirnger House. Trollan takes us to the dreamer’s room. When Zoe examines Svanna’s blade, she is seen from the bottom of a pool of water.

We go to Nariel’s room. The mirror looks out into crossguard. A gray man is skulking around Eki’s house, watching Hinrik’s forge. He strikes at the mirror and it shatters.

The doors to the abyss are pride open, but decide not to venture within. We close them.

The other doors lead to a staircase. We’re on the middle landing and they seem to go on forever.

Trollan blesses us and signs to us as we depart his company.