Sigil. Session XXXX
Sunday, December 20th, 2008
4th day, 4rd rule, State of Dominance, 128 YFHR
The day of Diligence (continued)

We are in Kurst, amidst a bar fight in the Undead Unicorn. An archer stands behind his three companions–all of which are determined to kill Trollan. It seems we 4 are the only ones able to stand between Trollan and his assassins. Trollan’s companions are split between a group willing to stand up and fight, and a group uncertain of what to do.

The Archer cries out “Strike down the Lovers of the Lady before they doom us all!”. After a few pot shots, Zoe runs to Trollan and tries to quickly hand him a healing potion. Chryseis is forced to stay close to Trollan just to keep him alive. Ekikos managed to take down the archer and between his martial prowess (and Trollan’s amazing speaking ability), the assassins surrender. Ekikos takes the archer’s bow and arrows, and we depart with Trollan and his followers out the back way before the watch can arrive.

We exit the back door and loose ourselves in Kurst. After some careful asking, Zoe manages to find the local beggars and gets good advice on which streets to avoid and where we can hole up. A serving wench (Yared) at the Quartered Man gives us space in the back of the stables. She provides day old bread and water. It gives us a safe place to talk and plan.

We tell Trollan about the fate of his followers in Sigil. He beleives it would have been different had he led them personally. We learn he too was a prisoner/guest of Harbringer House. It seems he saw the Lady there.

After gathering some information, Chryseis goes to the guard and inists to see the commander (Vrel Zarhasclar). She convinces the guard to call for the senior Sargent (Quarz), but it takes some doing. Eventually she convinces the first guard to go straight to the commander. Chryseis talks to him alone and the mere threat that the Lady might seek out Trollan is enough to grant us exit from the city of Kurst.

One hour after sunset we return to the gate and go through the many gates of Kurst. On our way out a madman charges us screeching that “She’s not ready.” and some nonsense about more deaths and it’s not time. We race through the gate and the Captain strikes the madman down.

We move away from the city and camp.

That night Zoe dreams in the midnight forest. In the well she sees Ludvik and the glass woman talking about Svanna. She can’t understand the language. They talk, the glass woman crys and they embrace. Svanna doesn’t talk and Ludvik’s dagger melts and flows through the cracks in the floor. The images fade when the glass woman plunges her hands in the pool of quick silver. Zoe is left with the unsettling feeling that Ludvik did not wake up.

5th day.
In a tree near the city’s edge we manage to pull a few shinnies from the bones. 5 gold rings, 2 platnum rings and a key. We cut the hanged man down and lay out the dead properly before returning to the portal. The portal key is indeed a key. We can now return to Sigil.