Last week was warm, I worked late, and we ate out a lot more than we should. The past few months we’ve tried to use the BBQ as much as possible. The only BBQ tools I have are: a wire brush (to clean the grills), a silicone brush (to spread oil on the food/grills), and aluminum foil (to wrap vegetables to steam them). Hopefully this week will go better.

BBQ Honey garlic chicken breasts, baked/sweet potato & salad
Grilled Tilapia with Smoked Paprika and Parmesan Polenta Recipe & steamed vegetables
BBQ Memories of Szechwan chicken kababs, pan fries & salad
Chicken Breasts with Citrus Pan Sauce & steamed vegetables
BBQ hamburgers & salad
Steak sandwiches with cheese & salad

The BBQ is a pleasant middle ground between a broiler and a convection oven. If used properly, it gives meat and vegetables a pleasant appearance (grill marks), and cooks fairly evenly (barring flair-ups). Most meats I cook on the BBQ are marinated for at least an hour or so before they go on the grill. Potatoes go on about 10 minutes before the meat, and the vegetables (wrapped in tin foil) go on with the meat. Most times this works. Other times … well, we order pizza if it can’t be fixed.

I bought new lunch dishes this weekend. I finally broke down and shelled out for the glass containers with steam release valves. The covers are BPA-free. I have a box full of Tupperware that I still use. While I do still store food in them, but I no longer reheat food in them in the microwave. Nor do we put them in the dishwasher (not that we have a dishwasher… and putting them in the guy that does the dishes would be … unpleasant I’m sure).

Meal notes:
The BBQ Honey garlic chicken breasts were from the butcher already marinaded. They are a rather unpleasant orange in color before (and after) being cooked. They are pretty tasty, but I find them to be very acidic. It’s a simple enough marinade–next time I’ll try making it myself.

The fish dish of the week is the same one as last week because … last week we went out to eat rather than eating in.

The BBQ Memories of Szechwan chicken kababs is one of the easiest recipes I know. Cut the thighs into generous yet bite-sized pieces. Mix in a bowl with the sauce of choice (this time PC’s Memories of Szechwan). Put the meat on skewers. It is best to pack them fairly tightly. Grill on a Hot BBQ until done. Turn once or twice. If the sauce is good–the meal will be terrific.

Chicken breasts with (any) pan sauce is another easy-to-make recipe. I like these type of recipes because they appear quite elegant when presented and very forgiving when being made. The recipe goes very well with something to soak up the sauce. I’ll serve it either with leftover polenta (if there is any) or rice.

BBQ hamburgers. Classics. Officially he cooks this one (as opposed to just starting the BBQ for me). The hamburger meat is mixed with bread crumbs, an egg, worchestershire sauce, and Montreal steak spice. Yummy.

Steak sandwiches with cheese. I like mine with additional lettuce & tomato, mustard & mayo. He likes his plain. It takes about 10 minutes with the two of us working together in the kitchen. Naturally, the better (and fresher) the bread, the better the meal.