Weekly Bento planner

Source: Just Bento

This week I’m back to trying to count the calories; which means small lunches and as much protein (and as few carbs) as I can manage. My Bentos are exceedingly western in all ways except 2: the portions, and the colors. Each lunch has as many different colors (lots of greens, some yellows, a bit of red) as I can afford to shove together. I find the colors (along with anything crunchy) really helps keep my lunches interesting. The fun part will be trying to kick the soda-habit (again), reduce the amount of cafeein in my diet (again) and drink more water. Nothing revoluntionary here folks — just simple rules to eating well.

Breakfast: Toast & nut butter, skim milk, fruit
Lunch: Roast chicken, goat cheese, whole wheat bread
Snack: cheese crackers, fruit, yogurt, popcorn
Dinner: Lemony Lentil soup

Breakfast: Pancakes, skim milk, fruit
Lunch: Rice paper spring rolls with hunan sauce (Healthy p57)
Snack: pain au chocolate, chocolate cookies, diced veggies
Dinner: Pasta Bolonaise with a mixed green salad and Italian dressing

Breakfast: 1 egg, 2 sausages, breakfast potatoes, tea
Lunch: Vegetable spring rolls with huanan sauce and shrimp
Snack yogurt, fruit, crackers & goat cheese
Dinner: BBQ Honey Garlic chicken breasts with steam vegetables

Breakfast: Kashi go lean, skim milk, fruit
Lunch: Vegetable spring rolls with fusion garlic sauce and shrimp
Snack: crudite & hummos, fruit, cottage cheese
Dinner: Chicken satay (GI p158) & green salad

Breakfast: Oatmeal & fruit, skim milk
Lunch: Walnut olive quesidillas (Healthy p45)
Snack: yogurt, fruit, crackers & goat cheese
Dinner: out

Breakfast: Kashi go lean, skim milk, fruit
Lunch: Chicken curry with chickpeas and peas on rice
Snack: crackers & goat cheese, crudite & hummos, fruit
Dinner: Oatmeal buttermilk pancakes (GI p213) & breakfast sausages

Breakfast: Oatmeal & fruit, skim milk
Lunch: Polenta & bolonaise sauce, green salad & dressing
Snack: fruit, yogurt, shrimp & sauce
Dinner: Chicken schnitzel(GI p163) and buttered spatzle, steamed green beans

Cookbooks used

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