Saturday, 27 September

Session XXXIV

1st nigth, 3rd rule, State of Dominance, 128 YOFHR

Weather: light rain, picking up with a light wind.

Ekikos is hurrying back home from the gymnasium.

Ludvik’s strange experiences continue. He sees reflections of other places in the armour and steins at the bar. His sister’s eyes are looking back at him.

Chryseis leaves the barricks and goes to liberty hall tavern. Bells announce the hour of antipeak. Then, something moves to her left in the shadows. A silohette of brickwork seems to move towards her. It’s the lawshredder, and he attacks.

Chryseis leads the lawshredder towards the light, he tries to bluff with an attack, then tries to trip her, and fails. Cyrseis continues to edge towards the tavern, and blows her wistle. The bells are ringing loud for anti-peak; and the wistle cannot pierce their din.

Ekikos sees the fight in the light, and starts to run.

Ludvik hears something, and we go outside to see what’s going on.

Zoe and the Lawshredder engage in psionic battle. He stumbles and she fires lightnigng against him.

The Lawshredder attacks Chryseis, cutting off part of hte sheild and tears into Chryseis’s shoulder. The resonance from the blade starts to shake her from within. He pulls out his blade and attacks again.

Chryseis heals herself and continues edging towards the tavern.

Ludvik draws his sword and engages the lawshredder, stabbing him in the shoulder.

Ekikos arrives.

Zoe fails to keep the lawshredder down in the psyionic battle, but strikes him again with lightning.

The Lawshredder starts laughing insanly and dancing around Ludvik. He sings: “I am the howling winds, the swirling pandamonium, I am chaos. I am death.”

Everyone is hit with chaos. Ludivik is confused. We feel the Lawshredder’s pain, suffering more and more as the Lawshredder heals.

Ekikos grapples the Lawshredder, but is unable to maintain the hold as the Lawshredder wriggles free.

Chryseis steps back and heals herself.

Ludvik steps back and fires two arrows at the Lawshredder. Both hit.

Ekikos grapples him again, and again the Lawshredder wriggles free.

Zoe again strikes the Lawshredder with electricity.

Chryseis flanks and stabs the Lawshredder, but the tip catches in his armour and doesn’t strike deeply.

The Lawshredder stumbles back, as the Harmonium guards pour into the scen.

The Lawshredder disappears; we believe he’s within 4-5 city blocks.

Chryseis gives order and the squads fan out with hounds to try and trace the scent. Ekikos climbs up on a roof to get a better view. He climbs back down when Narcovi arrives. Narcovi starts interrogating everyone. She’s pissed. Then the factol shows up. We go with him and meet his wife, Hope – a beautiful woman who is the facton’s spiritual leader.

We answer as many questions as we can. We learn that the Lawshredder is an athasian.

Come morning the Lawshredder’s not been found. The Hardheads even used divination, but have had no luck.

Zo gets a lot of sleep on the way back.

2nd Day, 3rd Rule, State of Dominance, 128 YOFHR

Weather: Light drizzle.

Ismine calls the petitionners forward for Linni’s funeral. A lot of Godsmen show up. The Athenium isn’t large enough to hold everyone. Many congregate ont ehs tairs and around the well.

Ismine has used prior funds to purhcase bread and it is handed out to those attending. The gods are invoked, prayser are said. The insense is lit and Prioress Ismine speaks as a friend of Linni. Afterwards the dress is taken down from teh wall of the temple and it leads the procession to the Mortuary. Women follow. Lini is enterred at Ellisium and then the procession goes home.

When Ludvik returns home, Hinrik is in the forge talking amicably with CryFalcon. He heard about the attack. Ludvik agress to walk with CryFalcon and they go off.

Narcovi found an inatact bronze disk and metal rod at the site of the fight last night. The white powder found at the previous murder scen was taulk. The Lawshredder is the source of a lot of gossip around the city. We learn that three warehouses stalk taulk; they will be investigated.

P3, Logu’s path powder (close to teh Armoury) and Grossip’s paints (also int eh lwer ward).

CryFalcon found another witness to Linni’s murder. Baskkix 3 fingers. He picked Linni’s possessions while high on bub. He gave CryFalcon what he found. Cryfalcon asks that Ludvik return Linni’s possessions to the priori. Baskix also provided a peacock feather quill. Cryfalcon hopes to divine the Lawshredder’s location using the quill. CryFalcon gives Ludvik a gift and then departs for the Lady’s Ward to find further clues to the Lawshredder’s location.

Hyzik comes to visit and we chat. He introduces Zoe to the Wayfarer inn; it’s a tavern in the lowar ward that’s filthy with portals. Go inside, buy a drink, flip a gold coin in the air and you’re in teh Clerk’s ward. The tavern’s in the Dwarven neighbourhood. Zoe accompanys him there, sees how it’s done, then heads home.

Chryseis requisions something for protection against the forces of Chaos. Tenscore arrives a bit later with a scroll of protection from Chaos and a mancatcher. She also gets a potion to see invisibility or darkness or something. She’s told it lasts for 1/2 an hour.

At dusk we meet up with Hyzik at the well.