Saturday, 15 September

Session XXXIII

1st day, 3rd rule, State of Dominance, 128 FHR

Day of Chastity

Weather: light rain, picking up with a light wind.

The dabus are painting hte tennament across the way, but they have no paint and their cans are empty!

Tenskor reprots that the govenor (a minor clerk) bled out over a pile of parchment. It’s not so much who was killed, but where he was killed atha will make tongues wag. Tenskore doesn’t beleive that this one can be hushed up.

Zoe spent the night at a beggar’s firend’s house – a coal skutter. When she wakes there’s root stew to share and his wife is making bread. Z helps out where she can in the house to repay for the night and what food she eats.

Chryseis visits Hinrik’s forge, but Ludvik isn’t up yet. It’s just after daybreak. Nestor is working the bellows at the forge. Chryseis leaves a message with Nestor and returns to the Athenium about the time that Ismine gets up.

Ludvik is awoken by a repetitive dripping sound. It’s the rain. He gets up and dresses quickly.

Zoe makes her way back to crossguard.

Ludvik’s father, Hinrik, is puttering around in the kitchen. He offers his son cheese for breakfast. Ludvik learns that the foundry is taking all the coal that comes in, sending prices through the roof.

A boy hammers a long parchment to Finash’s corner post (after paying for the right). The sign draws a crowd. Seems the Believers of the Source are seeking workers to build the funicular track around Sigil.

Ludvik enters the shop. Yougros and Nestor are there and Nestor passes along Chryseis’ message and not much else. Ludvik heads to the temple to see what’s up.

Zo attends the woman’s service at the temple first thing in the morning.

We all meet up on the temple’s stairs and compare information. Chryseis learns that the quill is not magical. We take the quill to Wingar to get his opinion of it. He says it’s expensive and suggests we try asking about it at the various magic shops in town.

We head out to Untra’s Arcana in the Lady’s ward. Along the way we pass Petitionner’s square. The square is filled with a crowd here to watch an execution. The execution is Kriton, who kills by strangling the victims with his own chains. We don’t stop to watch the demon at his work.

Ludivik directs us to Untra’s Arcana. The shop smells of insense and fresh paper. One wall is a scroll case. Another wall holds stacks of paper. The clerk admits it’s mostly for show. There’s nothing arcanely special about the shop or its contents that Chryseis can see. The cler denys selling magical components or the quills.

We spot the type of paper used by the murderer in the shop. The clerk says that particular paper is more for missives and personal correspondance than tomes. When asked, the clerk recognized a general description of the law shredder. He says the man was effite but became abusive when he learned the price of hte paper. He bought 13 sheets and left. That was 4-6 days ago. The clerk checks his records and finds that on the 2nd day, 2nd rule, 12.5 x 8″ 50 ml sheets were sold for 6g5s rings.

We go to visit the friendly fiend to have him identfy the black dust we found at the last muder scene. He suggests we try the Dwaren Gem exchange for the opal dust. We meet the Fiend’s assistant. Belaca – a raven winged humanoid with firy eyes ina white shift. She’s enthalling and does all of the Fiend’s cooking. She’s also very shy and demure.

Ludvik waits outside. Zoe gives Ludvik the Fiend’s regard.

We head to the Wizard’s mark in the Shattered Temple district. A fiend (8′ tall insect-like carapace, lots of pointy edges and mandibles) and a thiefling have set up a stall. They are recruiting for the Tenari for the Blood War. Such recruitment drives are not uncommon in Sigil. The big one in back is known as Amerin (Stuttering Amerian to be specific). He is known to recruit for both sides.

The Wizard’s mark is an eclectic and cluttered shop. A male elf with silver hair and a slight limp approaches us. He seems ageless and is very slender. The shop sells the quills. Says someone came in and stoll about 13 quills from the jar in which they were stored. After Chryseis leaves, Ludivk confirms that the shop sells the various spell components we’ve found at the murder sites. Seems they too were stolen aroudn the 1st or 2nd of last week. The clerk adds to our general description of the law shredder.

Back at the garrison, Chryseis learns that there was a white powder fond at the murder scene. Ludvik learns that the talk of the day is about the murders. There are lots of comparisons circling about the similarity between these murders and those of the lawshredder some 7 years ago.Rumors are circulating about a Harmonium task force acting under the belief that the lawshredder has returned.

A gaggle of govenor clerks say they saw the body before it was removed. The dabus came in immediately to clean up the mess, and they were still there 8 hours later! As Ludivk is travelling from place to place, he thought he saw the crazy-haired man in the window’s reflection. He turns, but hte man is not there. He pulls out his dagger and looks into the reflcetion. Beyond the govenors he sees a darkened street and the city Barracks. He heads there.

Near the singing fountain he sends a message to Chryseis by astral streeker. At the barracks he pulls out the dagger and calls on Svanna for help. In the reflection of the dagger he sees a nearb clocktower – it’s showing the time of 3h past antipeak. He hears Svanna’s vice. Her words are jumbled. Sougad’s is out. She let him out. He’s not supposed to be out. He’s hunting. You’re in danger. Avour said we were never supposed to talk to him. Svanna has seen a lot of people getting hurt. You can see so much through the windows.

An ebondy skinned man is red armour falls with 5 cuts across the chest.

Trolan got out. She let them out. Favor left. Things are changing. The house may no longer be safe. Ludvik promises to find her and keep her safe.

The local harmonium guard interrupts his reverie and tells him to move along or be arrested.

Chryseis gets three messages. The second is from the faction’s alchemist who has identified the white powder as talk. The third is from Ludvik.

Zoe asks Aurilus to deliver a message to Hyszik (whom, it seems Aurilus nows). Chryseis send soff a report to Narcovi. Zoe’s Ma packs her a double lunch.

Zoe and Chryseis get together and head to teh garrison y sedan chair. Chryseis pays a light boy to light the way. We find Ludvik near the Barracks. Chryseis goes inside teh barracks to find Narcovi. She speaks to her in her office. Narcovi accepts the possibilities of oracular visions.

Zoe and Ludvik go to a nearby tavern (Liberty Hall Tavern). It’s a hardhead tavern and Ludvik has to spin a yarn or two to get us out of the tavern.