Sunday, December 14th, 2008
4th day, 3rd rule, State of Domiance, 128 YFHR
The day of Dilligance

We have to go to Kurst to fetch Kit (Brother to Corelliala, the crying woman in Blood Gem Park) and Trollan, for the Believer’s of the source factol, Ambar Vergrove.

In speaking with Hyzik at the Incantarium, Zoe learns of a Locksmith in New Haven who’s interior arch is a one-way gate to Kurst. We need manacles or chains to open it, but Zoe promises not to tell anyone. He can’t tell Zoe how to get back.

Hyzik is a raccoon of mystery. He won’t tell Zoe who his master might be, refuses to allow her to meet him, and then gives her a gift. The gift is a bracelet. In return for the gift, she is asked to tell the Incantarium all about the device.

Hyzik tells he he’s also supposed to convince her to join the Incantarium.

Eki buys rations for the trip. We pray at the Athenium, and get an extra set of masterwork manacles at Zoe’s insistence. We then go to the Locksmith’s in New Market.

After passing through the portal (the shop keeper pretends to ignore us); we come out in a tangle of razorvine. The air is warm, and it is dark here. To the left, int eh far distance we see the spire. To the right – mountains.

There’s a mummified corpse in the center of the razor vine. Near the city wall are more tangles of razor vine. The vine seems centered around a long-dead tree.

We walk around the city wall. The walls are taller than the buildings within.

Along the way a mummified body hanging off the tree and riddled with razor vine speaks to us. His head turns 180 degrees on his neck to face us.

He tells us the city is a trap. They’ll let us in, but we won’t get out. If you try to leave make sure you have a place to go. You need a definite goal and proof of a place to go back to.

We talk briefly about this, but still approach the gate. The guards let us in without question. They look almost bored. They come out and flank the entry with pikes. We enter. The wall is 30 feet thick with several gates and lots of murder holes. One guard recommends we try the Undead unicorn if were looking for bub.

The place resembles parts of the Hive. A ghetto, like sandstone court. We get barked at. Listening to the gossip, we hear a few familiar names. One cutter called “The Burger”. We think he’s Torves Giljaff. He use to be an Ather Factol.

Most people are paranoid about the wall watch, and fearful of pressgangs. We see a few “public buildings”. A tavern has a plackard of a quartered man.

There’s talk of someone called the Baron. The wall watch commander is Baron Yrel Zonthascar. We continue to wander about. We see men wearing amber colored robes. Assuming they are Lovers, we follow them. They are well armed.

We enter the Undead unicorn, leaving the four on the. Inside is a table of Lovers – and Trollan is amongst them. The folk in the door draw weapons and attack Trollan. His group rush to his defense. As do we.