Saturday, 24th July 2008
Session XXIX
3rd day of the center rule in the State of Dominance.
Day of Charity.

And the momraths outgabe.
We speak with Sir Toves the Slythy, who feels positively offish. We learn that the flat table with the spiky bit is a sundial that works with the positioning of the sun on lawful planes. It’s an inter-dimensional time keeping device with symbols for Mount Celestia, Arcadia, the Elysum, and the outlands.

Sir Toves thinks someone named Nebulum made it.

We head off to find the Whimsy falls, while remaining wary of the jubjub bird. As we approach the pool before the falls, we hear a beguiling sound. Eki goes to the edge and meets Aquariel. She looks like a naked human woman, but seems to be a creature of the water as she remained hidden in the water for quite some time as we approached warily. She tells us that the bird took the sword into a cave beyond the falls.

Ludvik searches for an opening into the caves behind the waterfall while Aquariel tells us that the caves were taken over by dark gnomes. She keeps the Jaberwoky asleep with her songs.

Sir Toves tells us there’s an inquisition set to try and catch these evil gnomes.

The dry entrance to the caves is behind some loose ruble which Sir Toves, Eki and Ludvik shift easily. We enter the caves and find the first cave is filled with a tar pond and a charcoal drawing (on the floor) of the digger below. Beyond that – is the Jaberwoky’s cave where the beast lays sleeping. Ekikos jumps into the tar pond and begins pulling things out of it. Most of the stuff is broken or sundered. I move into the Jaberwoky’s cave and slowly start searching for the sword.

Suddenly the jubjub bird arrives and starts making a horrible racket. Aquariel sings more loudly, trying to keep the Jaberwoky asleep. Ludivk, Chryseis, Eki, and Sir Toves all race out of the caves and attack the jubjub bird. I just hunker down amidst the bones and refuse that litter the Jaberwoky’s cave and hide until the racket is done. The beast moves a bit, but doesn’t wake up.

After more searching, I find the sword. It’s behind the dragon’s tail. Rather than try and climb to get it – I use my magic to lift it carefully and send it to Ludvik at the tight end of the cave, away from the waterfall. I slwoly head back out. Ludvik rushes and gives the blade to Sir Toves. Then he and Eki make their way into the cave through the waterfall.

By sheer bloody-mindedness, Eki makes his way up the falls. The noise they make in climbing wakes the dragon. Ludvik and Chryseis attack from the far side while Eki, Sir Toves and myself attack from the front. It burbles at us and does great damage. Ludvik peppers it with arrows, Chryseis uses her javelins, and Eki attacks the beast head on.

To hear Eki tell it – the digger below caused the mouth of the waterfall to collapse at that instant, taking me, Sir Toves, Eki and the Jaberwoky down together in a heap. Sir Toves had mostly killed it by then and with a snicker-snack – he cut the beast’s head off.