Session XXVII
May 10, 2008

In my visits to the raid in Whisperleaf’s daughter (a giant oak in the park of the Infernal and Divine in the Lady’s ward), the raid travels through a portal opened by laughter into the branches of Whisperleaf herself. The portal leads to Whisperleaf, nestled atop the golden hills of Bi-Topia. Weekah-Tegalega (Sect totem of the Rosebringers. Lead priest of Chikitkka Fastpaws in Sigil.) learns that there’s a monster in the woods. The people of the golden hills need help, and Weekah-Tegalega is willing to negotiation to see if I can bring friends along to help.

1st day, center Rule, Month of Dominance, 128 Yr FHR
Day of Chastity

The weather in Sigil is nasty. There isn’t much light, and the air is filled with a heavy smoke smelling of roasting or burning meat. The air isn’t moving at all.

The wealth that Ekikos provided his family has allowed his mother to purchase a loom. The neighboring women bought the old wash tubs, and have set up a local laundry in the halls of the nearby tennament building. At first the family sold raw bolts of cloth, but as their reputation grew, they were able to begin selling workmen’s shirts.

Kastor is now working in the clerk’s ward with a new master and learning how to draw. His time as an illuminist was not to his liking, but it did give him creditable skills. Yougros’ cough has gotten worse, forcing him to reduce the amount he works. Nestor is putting in very long hours trying to replace his father. News of the girls’ dowry has had an odd effect: Kalliope and Aella are being courted by well placed men. Aella loves a pennyless 1/2-elf, which is why she’s not married.

Chryseis has had two promotions so far and very good reviews.

Eugene has been absent for months at a time, he’s finally part of one of Gina Ellie’s expeditions into the Beastlands.

We gather at Ekikos’, and I tell them about the monster in the golden hills. They agree to help and we travel together back to the Park of the Infernal and Divine. We meet up with Mourns for trees, and he guides us to the foot of Wisperleaf’s daughter.

Weekah-Tegalega tells us that the Crawler below has launched an attack on the Golden hills. He believes that the beast is merely a minion or a pawn. The Whimsy caves were initially dug by the Crawler below, and rumor has it that the beast has taken residence in the caves. Magic doesn’t work in the Whimsy caves. The gnomen god Steelskin has sent forth a champion: Sir Toves, the Slythy. He set out to kill the beast two days ago, and now the locals are worried.

Weekah-Tegalega promises to get us permission to enter Bi-Topia and travel over Whisperleaf. We agree to return in with the dawn.

2nd day
Overnight, it starts to drizzle. By morning, it’s a full0out storm!

We pack up and head out. On our way we pay tribute to Niki and Artemis along with Athena. Hyzik gives me three crystals at Whisperleaf’s daughter. After a good laugh, we go through the portal.