Session XX – 4th night

A haze hangs over the city. It’s early evening and Chryseis comes out of seclusion from weaving. We chat briefly, then go to bed.

5th day.
I dream of the connection between Toranna the Grey and the Barmy killer.

The forest is still monoliths of stone, covered in ash and sparking bark. I follow the sound of chiseling stone into a labyrinth of marble and grave stones – all marked with the names of deceased and their adornments. The voice that guided me in the past warns me and I dodge the shambling numbered dead that approach.

I see one dead without skin – darkly enshrouded and floating, his toe bones barely dragging over the marble floor. I move from shadow to shadow, hidy-hole to hidy-hole, dodging the dead as they walk on their patrols, and moving as silently as possible.

At the end of one very long corridor, I come to a dead-end. Ahead kneels a creature in a long black robe with a hood. They are carving something into a marble grave stone. I cannot see their face, but a bright purple light lays slightly beyond them.

I hide and use my abilities to toss a stone as far down the corridor as I can. The creature turns toward the source of the noise as I hide in the arms of a marble statue of an angel. The strange is a human skeleton, their skull is surrounded by a purple fire. It stops its work on the grave stone to turn and look, and in that instant I realize the name they were chiseling was my own.
I awake and it’s hailing outside.

Ekikos awoke and checks in with Master Finash about the chalk. He learns from Araleius that Derioch send a brief reply. She didn’t recognize the names, but would look into them. She was glad to hear back from Ekikos as it has been several days.

Chryseis is in the temple. She offers Ekikos the weaving she’s done. She’s unwove the chaos of the hair of the Hag’s head and woven it into a belt of strength. Ekikos puts it on and feels the strength pour into him (+2 strength).

Ekikos says his goodbyes and jogs to his work in the Hive.

Chryseis and I buy a loaf of bread from Master Finash, then visit Javius. We worry about who the chest will go to when Javius finds new tenants. He’s thinking of remodeling the apartment, maybe dividing the attic into a separate apartment and renting it out.

In the Blood pit Ekikos finds Journos and a few members of his stable. Their cleaning out the “veins” (tunnels) beneath the pit. It’s not pleasant work, but it does have to be done. Ekikos joins in.

Da, Chryseis, and I go to visit Kalen. We see seals on the beach. Kaylen was in his hut – poisoned by Nabod’s rum. Chryseis is able to use a prayer to communicate with Kalen, and we spend a few hours cleaning up the place, looking after his animals and tending to his garden. When we leave he’s feeling a lot better.

Once we’re home we tell Wingar Finash about the rum; he asks for a refund on his sale and promises to look into informing the person who bought it.

After the mass that afternoon, I corner Marm and try again to tell her I’m a wilder. Da helps. It’s a long and fretful conversation, but I think she’s starting to accept it.

6th day.

While on duty Chryseis meets a man named Tyleric. He’s not native to Sigil but he really wants to join the Harmonium. Chryseis gave him a law book and he read law all night.
Today it’s drizzling.

When Ekikos learns about Nabod’s poisoned rum, he finds Ludvik’s bottle and throws it out.
I learn that necromantic magic is purple, when you can see it.

We went wandering around rag picker’s square, but the compass keeps pointing to me. We watch the collectors get into an argument over the bodies, and then head home.