Session XIX
3rd night, 1st rule, state of Depravity

Rain starts anew in the night. From a drizzle, it increases to a torrent of rain.
At the gates of the foundry, Ludvik caught sight of Eliath’s familiar blue eys and was able to follow him. Eliath and his three fellow godsmen abstain from the taverns along Alehouse row. Instead they go to the Asension. Ludvik found a quiet vantage point outside to wait. Several hours later another group of Godsmen walked in. Then Eliath came out. The lower ward was thick with thieflings and other potential dangers. Ludvik donned his goggles to remain anonymous and followed Eliath to Blood boil street, where Eliath entered a Godsmen boarding house for the night. Ludvik then headed home.

4th day.
After all that rain, the visibility is incredible today. We can see almost a mile up around the curve of the city. I am awakened by Marm after a powerful dream. Unfortunately Marm sees the Hag’s eye glowing a few inches away from me and is certain that either it or the apartment may be possessed. She drags me to the Athenium to speak to the Prioress.

Ekikos visits the temple in the morning to discuss Castor’s future with the Priestesses. After some discussion, Ekikos orders 4 pieces of colored chalk from Wingar Finash for his brother.

Ludvik gets up late and breaks his fast with his father. Hynrik is finishing off the silver sling bullets for me. Hynrik worries that his son’s friends have a sudden interest in silver weapons.

After speaking briefly with Prioress Ismine and Marm, I try to tell Marm that I’m a wilder. But either she just isn’t listening, or I’m being too vague.

Ludvik, Ekikos, and I went to visit Eliath’s new home. Ludvik inquired after Eliath with the land lady of the Godsmen’s boarding house. She explains he’s not home yet. The land lady, Eltiva, invites Ludvik and I (as Ludvik’s pet) into her house for a cup of tea and a chat. Eventually Eliath arrives at his apartment; I try to get his attention (by dancing happily around his feet) but he studiously ignores me.

His friends call him Eliath and he replies with a cleaner accent and more stuttering. He use to stutter whenever he was nervous. I sneak in the next time the door opens, but Eliath insists I leave. I do and come back with Ludvik.

During the conversations we learn that Eliath believes he’s been given a second chance by the morning lord Lathander. He’s not supposed to seek out any of his previous associates. He’s not supposed to speak to use either. He was told that when he came to Sigil, he lost his way. He was certainly barmy. He was attacked in the Hive and passed beyond the immortal boundary. The Morning lord gave him a second chance, but he had to give up his previous life. Lathander told him to join the Godmen. It’s hard work, but he believes he’s been called by his god.

Meet back up with Ekikos, and talk things over before returning to the Athenium where we speak to Linni, telling her what we know. We ask about the three names I got from my dream: Tylanic stormwing, Alvin and Clarent. She’ll ask at the Foundry and at the Godsmen faction. Check back tonight.

Ekikos writes Derioc a letter asking about these names. Aurillius delivers it for us.

Later that night we meet up with Linni at the Keg and Cask. After checking those names with the Foundry, Linni tells us that they’re not formally enrolled a the foundry.