Session XV
October 13th, 2007
6th day, 3rd rule, state of Delirium. Day of Kindness

Alchemists fumes have washed in; eye-sting has settled in to Crossguard. The day begins with Ekikos praying to Niki for victory in our venture.

Gathered together in the apartment, we batten down the barred door on the other side of the portal. It takes three solid swings to break the door beyond. In the ensuing hush Ekikos and Ludivk are the first to step through. Chryseis picks me up and we join them on the other side of the portal.

Without the portal’s friendly blue glow, it is dark as pitch. It smells of stale urine and putrefying excrement and it’s damp. Nearby I can hear water dripping, or perhaps something … thicker. The battering broke the iron bar holding a wooden door in place before a urinal. The floor beneath our free tis a mosaic – the individually set tiles create wave patterns on the floor. They are caked in mildew and fungus. On the walls are nymphs and saders, a scene of the Ellesian fields – joy and harmony and cleanliness, now caked in filth, disuse and rot.

Ludvik spots a rat the size of a small dog. As we react to its presence we hear a voice from out of the darknesses. It’s the ship’s chaplain, again demanding the orb. The chaplain’s name is Ernest and he was the chaplain of hte ship named the Grindstaff. He’s squat, and bearded with rust-colored skin. Wearing a full breast plate, he carries a mace and shield. He tells us the orb grants its users the gift of second sight. Ernest believes that everything that was Nabod’s is now his; since he was next in line to inherit should Nabod die. We disagree and Ludvik tries to learn why Nabod needs the orb so much.

The negotiations end when a female wererat speaks up. She demands the orb; claiming they need it and it is rightfully theirs. She forces the rats to attack us. Battle ensues.

Ludvik and later Ekikos best the wererat and injure her severely; but not before she’s able to drowned Chryseis in the pool of putrid water in the center of this bath house turned cess pit. Ludvik succumbs to his wounds. Ekikos dives in after Chryseis and pulls her from the pool. I drag Ludvik back to the doorway, open the portal, then climb through and drag him through. Ekikos follows with Chryseis.

As we depart three young ratlings come forth, gather up the wererat, at carry her into the darkness.