Session XIV.
September 29th, 2008
5th day, 3rd rule, state of Delirium, Day of Forgiveness

As we make our way across the lagoon, the sun is rising. When we return to the shores we give Kalan 2 bottles of rhum as thanks for all he’s done. He asks that, when we return, we bring him butter, honey and some bread.
I get a pineapple and an armoured crab to bring back to Ma & Dad.

Chryseis returns to the pantry and finds Media’s been crying. Castor is badly hurt and it’s only early morning in Sigil.

Turns out who ever’s been killing the barmies caught Castor and cut off one of his fingers. They then beat him to learn about us and our families. He was taken on Black boot lane; and remembers a man’s voice with a strange lilt.

Prioress Ismine promises to try and speak to Nabod’s ghost in the apartment; but she has to do some research first.

We go to the apartment and speak to Nabod’s ghost using hte compass. Through the compass he tells us that the hag killed him. He tried to escape via the bath tub, but the hag followed, dragged him back and killed him.

When we ask about the orb, the compass leaps out of Chryseis’ hands, falls, and breaks open upon the floor. Inise is a blue orb. When I hold it I see a forest in its shadows, whipping by. There’s a strong sense of deja vu – a place I’ve been before, but I can’t remember when – or where it might be.

We divide the money by 5 and give Javius his share. Ludvik goes to the gem exchange and sells the pearls; we divide the 12 gold amongst us–Zoe gives her share to Javius.

Chryseis speaks with Sophia and learns that Eki’s strength may come back on its own; if that fails she suggests we burn the Hag’s head with Eki present. But, the Hag’s head could be used by others skilled in the unweaving the weave of her hair and reweaving it into something new.

That night we part company for a time.
Zoe attends a mass.
Chryseis spends her alloted time at the garrison. There’s a lot more voilence than usual on Rath night; lots of fights.

6th day, 3rd rule, state of Delirium, Day of Kindeness
It’s a pea soup of a day. There’s a miasma of alchemical gas that makes everyone gag. It’s what the locals call eye-sting fog.

We meet at the well and go to the temple. Aurillius is there. We learn that The Lady singled out a man for her attention. The Dabus are still trying to wash the blood from the alley in the Lady’s ward. No one’s too sure what he did; but there’s lots of chant on the issue. The event caused quite the panic, one the Harmonium was hard-pressed to quell.

Eki and Zo go to Wingar’s to trade for the stuff Kalem wants: butter, bread & honey — all for a bottle of rum.

We meet up in the pantry and go through the chest to the MoonIsle with Prioress Ismine, it’s windy and the light is much brighter now (must be around peak). We visit Kalem and give him the groceries. He puts them away and speaks with this drum.

Kalem is quite taken with Prioress Ismine. After a 10 minute ceremony, Ismine kisses Nabod’s head. A wind picks up and blows into the corpse, then everything goes still. Prioress Ismine takes our questions and asks them tot eh corpse on bended knees.

1. What does the orb do.
It allows one to see the future.

2. Who is looking for the orb
The sea witch?

3. Where does the portal in the armoire go?
A bath house int he Guildhall ward.

We place Nabod’s body in a sack and weigh it down with some rocks. Kalem rows the cannoe out a little ways and we dump the body over the side. Kalem assures us this was his tradition. Kalem retells one of Nabod’s tales — when he was a captain the Hag claimed some of his men. He diced her for his men, with his soul as an anty. She lost her eye in the bargain. She must have tracked him down and killed him.

Years ago one of Nabod’s old mates accosted Kalen – looking for Nabod. He was 1/2 barmy. Skulked around the jungle for a few weeks. He was desperate. It was Nabod’s shop’s chaplain; the chaplain believed Nabod kicked the chaplain unjustly from the boat.

We say our goodbyes and head home. There’s a lot to talk about.

We take the armoire off its bolts and turn it back around. Prioress Ismine gathers some buckets. Hinrik makes a ram that we bring to Nabod’s room. We fill the tub with water, just in case.