Over the weekend I tried a few new recipes.

These included: Lentil chili and festive diabetic cornbread; both were good – but neither could be called a complete success.

The lentil chili was really good – but I botched the recipe (using a 28 oz can of tomatoes instead of a 14 oz can). So it was lentil soup. To thicken it I added a cup of barley. It thickened a bit too much, but still tasted OK. Unfortunately the thickness lent itself to be eaten with a fork and there was no broth to sop up with the festive diabetic cornbread. The lentil cornbread was OK; but would probably taste better if I had added a ton of spices; and without any liquid in the chili – the cornbread was just too dry to eat alone.

The chili was really good but no one wanted a second piece of cornbread.

Tonight it’s 4-Alarm Salsa Chicken; another experiment.