My menu plan isn’t all that planned out this week.

Saturday Greek (take out).
Sunday 3-Amigos (Dining out)
Monday Vinni Gambini (Dining out)
Roast Chateaubriand, steamed green beans, baked potato, and salad with red wine vinaigrette
Wednesday Chicken & bean fajitas
Thursday Marinated butcher’s block steak with smashed rosemary potatoes
Friday Red wine and beef stew with vegetables

Tuesday’s meal is easy, if not quick. The secret is to start with a good piece of meat and a lot of time. I usually cover it with low-salt steak spice and put some garlic and red wine in the pan beneath. Then I throw it in the oven with some potatoes and let it cook. I had friends over, so I wanted something tasty but simple for dinner (which gave me time to clean my apartment and chase down the dust-bunnies!).

Wednesday’s meal is a staple for me. I rarely go by a recipe anymore (as I already have my taco seasonings combined in a bottle on my shelf). This recipe works well with either fresh cooked chicken or leftovers, and freezes well. I tend to make extra and bag it. That way I can thaw the ingredients, and then add the filling to the salsa, cheese, and sour cream inside a warm tortilla.

Thursday’s meal is another staple. The marinade is mostly red wine, some fresh herbs and garlic. Typically I marinade the steak overnight. Smashed potatoes are what I call baked potatoes that I then turn into a rough form of mash with herbbed butter.

Friday more people are coming in, so I’ll make an old favorite of a stew in the crockpot.