Act 2 – A summary of What Came Before
A place whose story is without beginning or end.

– beginners chant

A summary of what came before.
122 YR – A new doomguard factol (Pentar, F19) is elected. He is the youngest factol ever made leader and quite manic. Over the next few years arson, theft and civic unrest follow. Anarchist prophecies abound and vandalism is rampant. A new harmonium factol (form the Harmonium homeworld) is elected and quickly becomes much-loved. Factol Sarin (HM, Paladin) performs personal arrests on the very streets of the cage.

123 YR – I came of age and got my citizenship papers. While the ceremony was nice and the responsabilites were not then understood, the biggest event was that I got to go to the Keg and Cask! It was also the year when Prioress Sophia noticibly slowed down. She stopped being the great force that I remember from my kit-hood, and she gave over even more duties and responsibilities to Ismine. I think it was the year I realized Prioress
Sophia was mortal.

124 YR – Chryseis becomes an alcolyte at the Athenian temple in Crossguard. She is eventually given papers and recognized as an adult. We take her to the Keg and Cask to celebrate. Ludvik & Svanna turn 12 and become citizens and naturally, we celebrate by taking them to the Keg and Cask. Poor Eki is the last of us to become a citizen. He’s ecstatic! He can finally go to the Keg and Cask; but by then it’s pretty much old hat for us. This was the same year that Hinrik started to expand his business by making spear heads and javelins. There was an incresed demand for weapons and swordhold prospered because of it. At the time we were too young to question why, but many blamed the increase on the difficulties between the doomguard and the harmonium.

Media took on more duties at the church, but remains uncertain whether she wants to become an alcolyte. She’d have to live at home as the church doesn’t have the space in the priori.

Eki continued to serve as Jornos’ light lad and Jornos became a common fixture in the neighborhood.