Thursday, July 22, 2032
Real date: March 28, 2007

Starkville is a relatively small town. There’s some outlying farms on the way in and a fair number of inhabited but very poor looking shacks. The population sign claims there’s 520 people here. The center of town looks to be a town hall. There’s a couple of variety stores, and some merchants selling produce from stalls in the street.

Our group of 14 people attracts a fair amount of attention. Markus and Mike go to the local inn to see if they have room for us. They have 10 rooms (2 of which have double beds). Markus starts negotiating a price for room and board for the night.

Shannon and Ray head out to buy sausages. Robert goes to the bread stall (they have bread that smells absolutely amazing), Sam and the handlers go to buy feed and produce.

Amidst our shopping we hear a loud booming voice say; “We’ve had enough of you! Enough!”. The voice is followed by a couple of screams. Going out to check on the noise we see an Ogre is holding a woman up off the ground by the throat. She’s struggling to breath and clawing at the Ogre’s arms, but he seems oblivious to her actions.

Robert is the first to reach the Ogre and he tries talking to him. The Ogre’s response (Talk? You can’t talk to a Snake) just poses even more questions. The woman is dressed in some kind of uniform that looks vaguely catholic. There are six others similarly dressed standing nearby. Shannon says all of them have some kind of magic.

Closer to the Ogre stands four people dressed casually. One man wields a sword, one a rapier, one a short sword and one a cross bow. Shannon says the Rapier guy is also powered. These guys all look upset, angry, determined, and the cross bow wielding guy looks scared. The Ogre is just ticked.